February 2, 2001


Business Model Once Again Proves Inadequate

When will we accept the fact that what is good for business is not necessarily good for public policy? Bottom line thinking may work in business and industry where choices are limited and there is no democracy involved. But it does not fit in running a country, state, county, or city that are ruled and controlled in the interest of ALL THE CITIZENS! In the business model the owners of the means of production, be it factory, farm or business, their loyalty is a duality: Do what ever is good for the profit margin and be responsible only to a small cadre of owners or stockholders.

The fiasco currently confronting the State of California is a result of our elected officials, beginning with Conservative Republican, Governor Pete Wilson, all the elected members of the Republican, controlled, Senate and Assembly up to current Democratic Governor Gray Davis and all members of the current Democratic controlled Senate and Assembly. Governor Pete Wilson opened the door wide to the privately owned utilities during his disastrous terms of office. Republicans and Democrats bought in lock stock and barrel to the business mantra that what is good for business is good for the country! Excuse me! Have we forgotten what happen in America when the industrialist controlled the country? The majority of the country was a slave to the industrial revolution!

We are now in a period of time where the new industrialist of the 20th century are in the process of attempting to control the nation by controlling the vital flow of electricity, gas, food and water. Their stranglehold on the necessities of life will turn this country into a prison for millions of citizens who individually do not have the power to overcome the power of those who also control the majority of the wealth of this nation.

Our current Governor Gray Davis and the complaint Assembly and Senate have just agreed to give billions to those who are squeezing our life blood. He then has the nerve to tell the citizens to CONSERVE!

We are in a period of time where the elected officials that we depend on to protect our democracy have in fact been turned into tools of the new power barons. Unwittingly, our elected officials at all levels are pushing the citizenry into a role of radical opposition. The peoples options are getting less and less.

Wake up America before the pen is set aside for the barrel of a gun.

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