December 30, 2005

Feliz Año Nuevo~ Happy New Year 2006! Pues, it is that time of the year when all of us pause and reflect on the past and make resolutions to go forward with renewed hope and inspirations for Year 2006.

Pos, este Indio will make the following Resolutions for year 2006:

Will try and stop picking on National City Mayor Nick Inzunza. He is enough of a “Piñata” for the Blanquitos of National City. Pos, let us not forget, Mayor Nick was mentored by Assemblyman Juan Vargas! You get what you sow !

Tezzy will keep his thoughts to himself on our Mayor Sanders. We printed the truth on the San Ysidro massacres and the Mayor’s role in it. The Gringo media refused to make an issue of it. Once again, you get what you want. Remember Mayor Susan Golding, Pete Wilson, Mayor Roger Hedgecock, all Republicans, all White all finally ended up exposed by Tezozomoc!.

Resolve to be more supportive of City Attorney Mike Aguirre. This City best resolve to pay more attention to his efforts to clean up the mess in City Hall! I know it really bothers my Gringo amigos to have a so call Hispanic (?), calling the shots at City Hall. Don’t forget, before your ancestors came to California, it was mine and Mike’s ancestors that settled this country!

Tezzy will continue in his resolve to oppose Hispanic political candidates that are being foisted upon the Mexican American political Districts as a means of controlling their Districts by the Republican and Democratic power structures. Political Districts that are populated mostly by Hispanos require that they be governed by elected officials who are in tune with their background and needs!

Tezzy is resolved to oppose Candidate Luis Acle (a tool of ultra conservative Republican Right Wingers) and Ben Hueso (another Vargas/Inzunza clone). Neither is able nor qualified to work in the interest of the residents of District 8! They deserve a “real” City Council representative that will work in their interest and not in the interests of the ULTRAS that control the City and County of San Diego. “Ya se acabó con eso.”

Resolve to work to assist to create organizations that will truly be representative of the Hispanic, Mexican, Indigenous and Latino artistic inspirations. El Centro Cultural which has now been turned into a Center that expresses what the Anglo American considers as representative of our culture in the Arts, is no longer representing our artistic existence in the past and present.

Bueno, gente Feliz Año Nuevo and to all our neighbors, whether they be, German, Irish, Black, Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, English, Dutch etc, etc…We love you all and we must learn to live together in peace and love. As the Lord said “We are all one”!

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