December 29, 2000


Welcome to Year Y3k1!

At the stroke of midnight, on December 31, 2000, we end the last year of the Second Millennium A.D. (Anno Domini). The Gregorian calendar, that all Christendom uses to mark the passage of time, began on the year 1. This is the accepted date when Jesus Christ came into the world. All time prior to the birth of Christ became known as B. C. (Before Christ).

Though much of the world celebrated the beginning of the Third Millennium at the end of 1999. We now can celebrate the beginning of the first year of the 3rd millennium - January 1st, 2001.

Lets face it, the techno-nerds in 1999 got everyone worked-up and worried over having all our computer systems come crashing down and stopping all computer-systems from functioning. The clock systems of our precious computers unfortunately don't work on Gregorian time! Most folks failed to check with their friendly Priest or Minister and inquire whether in fact the 3rd millennium began on January 1, 1999! Remember the Gregorian calendar began with year 1 as if we had already lived the 12 months of year one when in fact it marked the beginning of year one. Therefore the second year of the birth of Christ began on December 31, year 2

Just maybe, we might get another shot at doing it right on January 1, 2001 and celebrate the NEW MILLENNIUM one more time. This time maybe the business types, who only saw the millennium as just another way to make big bucks, will get it straight this time and not use it as just another opportunity to fleece the public.

It was shameful to see certain elements of our society, the `Quick-Buck Types" use this most Holy of times to the Christian world .... The " Birth of Christ" just another way to make money. It gladdens my heart to know that it went off as a big financial bust for them. Perhaps the man upstairs was just getting even with all the "Moneychangers" for fouling up the temple of the Lord.

Feliz Año Nuevo & May you savor some portion of the 3rd Millennium

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