December 23, 2004

Carta Para Santa Clause

Pos Santa here come Xmas, Y, I still haven’t finished my Christmas shopping!

Well... you know that I am pelado and don’t have too much feria! Pero, if you can, will you bring a small gift to mis Cuates? Y , te lo pago later, cuando tenga Lana!

Todos tienen su chante en Diego. No sayas chiva ...No son Ganga ni de agua. Casi todos son Gringos o Vendidos.

Para mi mejor Amigo al Alcalde de San Diego// Bring him some real large “Tanates” wrapped in red tissue, for when he becomes a “strong Mayor.” He is going to need them!

Para Miguel Aguirre, el Nuevo City Attorney// Some strong glasses so he can be sure and see all the Bolillos que están abusando del pueblo y la gente de Diego!

Para la Güerita, biscocha, Donna Frye// Aunque she does things un poco a la brava, bring her our guarantee, that La gente will go to the wall for her. We like Adelitas!

Santa swing by Nasty City and leave a Xmas greeting to the Alcalde Inzunza. Maybe in Tijuas they are used to politics a la PRIísta manner but not in Nasty City. Inzunza forgets that with so many visiting/resident Vatos locos de Tijuas having a canton in Nasty City, they might become encabronados and pull a putazo against el Alcalde. That’s what they do en Mejicle!

Santa please take the Commercialism out of Christmas ....So many of our Gente forget that this is a Holiday in Honor of the Birth of Jesus Christ. The merchants are taking Christ out of Christmas! To the moneychangers that’s all that matters. Qué lástima...

Finally, bring to all our Staff, friends, readers, supporters, family members all our Amor y Cariño... Bring them the blessing of the new born child, Jesus Christ! Feliz Navidad de parte de Tezozomoc.

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