December 23, 2004

Holiday Recycling Made Easy

The decorated Christmas tree has been common in American homes since the mid-1800s, and for the last 30 years San Diegans have been recycling their trees after the holidays. Residents can quickly, easily and conveniently learn how, when and where to recycle their Christmas tree by calling I Love A Clean San Diego’s Recycling Hotline at 1-800-237-BLUE.

Thousands of San Diego County residents make the environmentally friendly choice to recycle their Christmas trees every year. Christmas tree recycling is an important way to give a renewable and recyclable material new life. All trees can be recycled into high quality mulch and compost.

“During the holiday season, people tend to forget about how much waste is created and where that waste is going,” said Dr. Wayne Williams, Recycling Program Coordinator for the County of San Diego. “We invite residents with Christmas trees to participate in this worthwhile program.”

Residents who currently receive curbside greenery collection can recycle trees by placing them at the curb with other lawn and grass clippings. All tree stands, nails and tree decorations must be removed and trees longer than four feet should be cut in half.

I Love A Clean San Diego’s toll free Recycling Hotline, 1-800-237-BLUE, offers residents more information on tree recycling and helps residents learn how to dispose of items ranging from last year’s electronics and unwanted clothes to gift packaging. The hotline is designed to provide people with easy solutions to recycling, keeping reusable and recyclable items out of our landfills.

This program is sponsored by I Love A Clean San Diego, the County of San Diego, City of Chula Vista, and the City of La Mesa. City of San Diego residents can call the City of San Diego Recycling Hotline at (858) 694-7000 for information on tree drop-off site locations.

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