December 23, 2004


Feliz Navidad~Merry Christmas

To all the people in the world.

It is with heartfelt emotions, that we wish to send, to all those who have been our faithful readers and friends, a well-intentioned, heartfelt greeting and our best wishes for a very Merry Christmas.

Though it seems that a decision has been made, at the highest levels of government, to take CHRIST out of CHRISTmas and efforts were made to take away the SOUL reason for honoring the birth of Christ, what they accomplished was to turn the Christmas, into just another shopping day at the Mall. We find pity, in our hearts, for America leaders for finding fear in the belief of America citizens in God.

The belief in the existence of a Holy Being that gives love, strength, and an ultimate belief in the existence of a superior being beyond the understanding of mere mortals, strikes a godly fear in those who would wish to rule and control the world and its inhabitants for their own self-serving needs.

Religion in the hands of evil men has historically been used to kill and conquer the people of different nations. Christianity, in the hands of evil men, has been used throughout history to conquer and enslave human life. The belief in a God Head is a zero-sum game. You either believe their way or you are killed. Even the Colonist burned the early Americans at the stake, because they didn’t totally believed in their belief systems that they imported from Europe.

Perhaps, our leadership has been frightened by the strong belief system of the Middle Eastern Arabs. Perhaps, they have forgotten, that it was the “Three Kings from the East who followed the bright star in the sky to Bethlehem that brought gifts to the Holy infant child... Jesus Christ.”

Perhaps our celebration of CHRISTmas should have been used as a common bond to form bridges of understanding and eliminate the chasm of hatred that now exists between CHRISTian soldier and the believers in Islam, the Quran, and the Prophet Muhammad.

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