December 22, 2000

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Wasted Vote Won!

The election of the President was kept suspended until the highest court in the land finally decided what should be done, or rather not done, to those ballots where no candidates selection was determinable.

For 36 days, those who wished for a Republican victory fought with those who wished for a Democrat to be elected. And both sides fought over the undervotes, those ballots cast by those who didn't want either to win. It was this last group who, for these last 36 days, had their way.

The major parties waffle on the issues, while using political and economic dominance to shut out their party candidates from the debates and the media. No wonder that, by election day, so many voters see their only choices to either to vote for a third party candidate who, they are told, cannot win, or to vote for the lessor of two evils, to avoid "throwing their vote away."

It's no wonder that, when confronted with the choice of choosing the lesser of two evils, which is really no choice at all, so many voters chose neither. That's why this year the election was won, for a time, by people who simply refused to chose between either Democrats or Republicans.

Supreme Court justice Paul Stevens got it wrong. Only the two major parties will anguish over "never knowing" who won. Members of the third parties, such as the Libertarians and the Greens, know the real winner of the presidential election -- the "wasted vote" won.

Edward Teyssier
San Diego

It's a Republic Stupid

When asked what kind of government we had upon the signing of the U.S. Constitution it is said that Benjamin Franklin replied; "A republic if you can keep it!"

On December 13th, I wonder just how much of a republic is left of the United States. A political war has just raged through the land of the free and home of the brave, a war fought in the ballot booth, in the public opinion and in the highest courts. At first glance one might assume the republic won over democracy, but scrutinized further it becomes clear that it was not a war but only a skirmish and perhaps the last dying gasp of a once great republic. The war in its greater context being won by democracy and all the mediocrity and mob tyranny with which it entails.

The United States was orginally founded as a republic first, with democratic representation among separate branches divided on purpose to prevent the tyranny of mob rule and the mediocrity of pure democracy.

We would all do well to remember the foundation of a legitimate government is the consent of the governed. When the vice-president and president-elect of the United States agree to be patriotic to the "democracy" one should wonder whether either of them is fit for the office of president of the Republic of the United States of America. It's a Republic stupid!

Virgil R. Hall II
El Cajon

Editorial Only Tapped the Surface

Your brief editorial "Bush Won, America Lost" (December 12, 2000) only tapped the surface. Most Americans put up with the electoral college as sort of a quaint tradition, essentially meaningless. But now we know. Al Gore won the popular vote and that fact is almost unimportant and insignificant. I am outraged that my one, lone vote didn't amount to squat. Now I understand that Florida's electors had to sign a loyalty oath to make certain they didn't pull any surprises today. Loyalty oaths? What's next — a reactivation of the House Committee on unAmerican Activities?

Chuck Lakin

Oh Please...!

Oh please....spare me. Don't be a sourpuss. Just because Bush won the election does not mean that our system is corrupt. It certainly does not mean that we experienced a coup. This recent election demonstrated the beauty of how our system works albeit the two parties took it to the maximum permited by the Constitution, the law of the land.

We ended in the campaign in peace, under the law, and united behind our leader. No thanks rolled into Florida, no state of emergency was called, and no generals are now in command of our country.

Are there bitter people. Of course. Any time you have a spirited campaign as tight as it was in this election you have people who are at a loss because they put in their hearts, mind and souls in their work for their candidate. But the pain of defeat can rest because there will be another election. Another opportunity to conquer the incumbent.....President Elect BUSH.

Henry Palma

Bush a virtual President

George W. Bush is a thing that has been created by the Supremes and he will be a virtual president. A virtual president will not be able to lead a real country.

Thomas Martinez
Chula Vista

Don't Be Cruel

Orale Dan da Man, como dice Elvis, "Don't Be Cruel". Pobre Ralph, you really stuck it to him (see editorial, December 8, 2000). Si me cuerdo those good old days when he was "Da Man". Que gacho how gente tan listos can change their priorities, values y compadres. Sabes que es mas gacho? Es cuando los hijos son mas peor que el padre. I pray to God that I will always be true to what my jefe would have wanted. True to our Gente! You can be assured this nobody vato loco, Brown Beret, 22 stitches in the head L.A. Moratorim soldado will make my jefe and Emiliano Zapata proud.

Viva la Causa

Eddie Perez

Looking for input

Thanks for doing a great job. Unfortunately other papers have closed, but please stay with us. You have and will continue to play an important role in the improvement of our community. Right now there's work being done to gather support and backing for a "Community Rights and Enhancement Proposal" for the city of Chula Vista. This item of community improvement is presently being drafted up and will soon be brought before the Chula Vista city council. Some of the items within the proposal will be...

1. A request for improvement in minority hiring for the city's managerial positions(of the top paid 11 management positions not one is occupied by a minority individual)

2. Employment opportunity advertising within a San Diego minority paper(s)

3 A bi-annual public disclosure of minority contracts and awards given by the city, and

4. An Independent Civilian Review Board for Police Practices.

Good input and support for this much needed item of community help has come but more is needed. If you know of anybody who may be interested in helping or giving their ideas please let us know.

Virgil Pina
(619) 427-5456

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