December 22, 2000


We Wish You A Merry Christmas!

We wish one and all a most Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year! It has been our sincere hopes that La Prensa San Diego has added to your understanding of our communities.

It is in the community expressions of our common cultural celebrations that we find the bonds that bring us together. As Christians we find common ground in the birth of Jesus Christ and take solace in the words of our Holy Bible, Our shared beliefs in God, heals our self-inflicted wounds and opens the path to mutual love and understanding.

Christmas is more than trees, light bulbs and giving presents. Christmas is an opportunity that comes once a year to share our common humanity and beliefs that makes of mankind a humane, caring, loving person.

The Publisher, Editors, members of our Board of Directors and all the personnel that lovingly devote so much of their time to bring you La Prensa San Diego join with you in the spirit of Christmas and add our hopes and prayers for a better world. May this Holy Season touch your soul and heart.

Daniel L. Munoz


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