December 21, 2001


Christmas Time: A Time For Festivity

It's that time of the year when one and all should be in a festive mood. The malls are tingling with the glow of good will that the Christmas Season brings to one and all. The spirit of Christmas abounds and the streets are full of cheery people wishing each other a "Merry Christmas."

In most Mexican American homes our Madrecitas are busy getting together with friends and families to make tamales. What is Christmas without the smell of hot tamales, rice, beans and chili rojo? What would Christmas be without Midnight Mass or Las Posadas to celebrate the birth of "Jesucristo"? What is Christmas without posole & pan dulce? And yes, what is Christmas without a Christmas tree sparkling with lights in our living room? Even "Jolly St. Nick" has become a fixture in our Mexican celebration of the Nativity.

With our desires for a MERRY CHRISTMAS, we will join with our children on Christmas Eve to eat and to sip our Christmas grog, sing Christmas carols and prepare to welcome the birth of the Christ child at the stroke of twelve. Though some of the little ones are anxiously looking around for their presents, it is still much to early. Santa is not scheduled to come down our chimney until they have gone to sleep. For many in our neighborhoods, presents will have to wait until the "Feast of the Three Kings'!

And so CHRISTMAS will come into each and every home in our City by the Bay regardless of their ethnicity, color, or race. Christmas, and its magical aura, will surround one and all. The Staff of La Prensa San Diego extends a very sincere

Merry Christmas to all!

Daniel L. & Lydia Muñoz

Daniel H. Muñoz
Editor in Chief

Berenice Cisneros, Maria Delgado, Yvette tenBerge
Administrative Asst., Spanish Language Editor, Investigative Reporter

Francisco Zavala Hal Breslow
Production Director Marketing Director

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