December 20 2002

The New York Times Launches a Weekly in Mexico

The New York Times launched a Spanish-language supplement of the newspaper on November 23 inserted in the four Mexican daily newspapers owned by Grupo Reforma: El Norte in Monterrey, Reforma in Mexico City, Mural in Guadalajara and Palabra in Saltillo.

The supplements will appear in Spanish and are intended to better serve Grupo Reforma’s newspaper audiences.

The supplements will retain the layout and typography of The New York Times style. They will include news coverage, commentary, color photos and graphics about the United States, world affairs, business, culture and social trends. The supplements will be prepared in New York by a team of editors and designers from The New York Times News Service.

“We are pleased to be partnering with The New York Times in this new venture,” said Alejandro Junco de la Vega Jr., vice president of Grupo Reforma. “We think it is important for our readers to have access to the reporting and views of the leading U.S. newspaper.”

The regular appearance of the supplement follows a special edition that was published by Grupo Reforma papers and other leading newspapers worldwide on September 11, the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the United States. Le Monde, the influential French daily newspaper, also published a weekly Times supplement of news and features in a 3-month pilot program this past year. And beginning in October this year, Le Monde began publishing the supplements on a weekly basis. The supplements are written in English.

“We see the expansion of this weekly supplement to Europe and now Latin America as an opportunity to bring The New York Times’s brand of quality journalism to a global audience,” said Janet Robinson, president and general manager of The New York Times and senior vice president, newspaper operations, The New York Times Company.

The Grupo Reforma newspapers feature the independent journalism and contemporary design pioneered in Mexico by El Norte, a newspaper founded in 1938 by the grandfather of the current publisher Alejandro Junco de la Vega Sr.

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