December 20 2002

Tezozomoc Speaks...

Cinco días más y luego Jingle pelotas!! Then, here comes de man: Santa Claus!!

Pues, here en mi jacal the tree is lit, the kids are awaiting anxiously to see what Santa brings them. Mama is busy making tamales, and you know what? It’s raining like no ones business. Ruben is worrying that Santa won’t make it through the rain! What’s Christmas without buying a present or two for our íntimos amigos? With lapiz in hand I made sure to send Santa a list:

Estimado Santa Klaus: I know you and Maria Kristmas are muy acupados what with so many chicos that are awaiting you. Pero, There are some Compas around el Barrio de San Diego that shouldn’t be forgotten. After all they have been so nice to la gente that they should be rewarded for it.

Bueno, sin más, please bring the following for them:


City Councilman Ralph Inzunza: Please bring him a bonifide BURRO AWARD from Tezozomoc for betraying la gente de San Ysidro and undercutting their efforts to have a much-needed library built in downtown Sydro. P.S. Santa please send a memo to Mayor Murphy and his ETHICS COMMITTEE on this one.

Charger Owner Alex Spanos: Get him Bus tickets to Los Angeles prontito! San Diego City is in danger! He wants private meetings with the Mayor and City Council! We can’t suffer another PRIVATE AGREEMENT! While your sled is here, see if you can bring a new Quarterback for the team. At worse, maybe you can leave Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer as a temp. for Drew Brees. While you’re at it, Santa, we are really fed up with MARTY BALL. Can you pick up a replacement for Marty Schottenheimer? While you’re at it pick up a new Lava Lava for Junior Seau we need a little more Samoan from him.

Senator Trent Lott: Please send him a new set of History Books. The man needs to know the South lost the Civil War, the Race wars, and its time the man goes back to doing shipyard work. Ships are color blind. The Republicans thought they put one over the Democrats when they made all those Dixicrats Republicans. Hey, man, those Democrats aren’t as dumb as you think.

Finally: Santa this is a tall order but bring a DRAFT NOTICE to all those Republicans who are so eager to start a war just to get more oil. Send one to each of their sons and daughters. And Santa, bring a draft exemption to every child of working class parents! P.S. Include the President and his whole administration in the draft notices. We are sick and tired of fighting the RICH MEN WARS!

San Ysidro K-8 School District; Rush order: Send a bonifide School Superintendent immediately to run the District! The New Board of Trustees is bound and determined to employ only Superintendents that have less education than they do! Kind of tough to find Superintendents with only a 5th grade education! On a 4-1 vote they just hired Jorge Parra for Superintendent!

Los Padrecitos from Sydro burning up phone lines over what they suspect was the illegal hiring of what they are calling “a totally incompetent person.” They smell the interference of the Mafiosas of Sydro who are intent on controlling the school District. Rumors floating of some leaders, of the community, going to the County Grand Jury! Brown Act Violated they believe! They say Parra elected in secret, community had no input, appointment made during Christmas holidays. They were counting on parents and teachers to not be around until after the dirty deed was done! Locals questioning how come “La Gringa Sandra Lopez (married name) got pushed up so quickly to be Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees. She was elected to office just this Nov. 5th, 2002! Hijole, it pays to be white!

Hummmm Sandra Lopez first vote was for Parra. Only Ernestine Jones refused to go along with the Charade! Jean Romero for reasons unknown voted to hire an unqualified individual who has no Credential to be a Superintendent.

Pregunta: Por qué if it hurts so much to have your child in the worse performing school in the nation YOU JUST DON’T PULL YOUR CHILD OUT? New laws says the San Ysidro School District will have to pay to have them attend a higher performing school, or to go to private schools (even Catholic schools), or to be tutored!

ALERTA: The quickest way to bring the school down is to keep your children from attending classes or transfer them as indicated above. In either case the school loses the daily ADA funding for that child. It’s possible to bankrupt the school District if 30-40% of the children are prevented from attending. The State will have to take it over!

Alerta residents de National City: Your new Mayor Nick Inzunza hasn’t been in the Mayors office long enough to know how it works and he is already pushing for a PAY RAISE (He already makes $3,000 per month)! Lets see when this so- called local boy, who really is a Chula Vista bred Vato, submitted a proposal when he was councilman to cut Council Meetings from four times a month to twice a month for the same pay ($1,653 dollars). (Ok students from National City that breaks down to $200 dollars per hour!)! O, ya mero se me olvida, monthly bennies. Planning to raise taxes guys? Or cut health services? Or, perhaps cut the fire and police departments staffing and/or salaries? What fun we are going to have!

Pregunta: Why are so many top Bush Appointees leaving office and abandoning the President? Do they know something we don’t? CHIPOLS wondering when President Bush is going to wise up. Rats usually abandon a sinking ship.

Bueno Gente, Feliz Navidad, see you before the New Year. Lets all pray that The Prez. who after all is a Tejano, wises up to those Eastern Establishment types before it’s too late for him and the country.

Feliz Navidad...Tezzy

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