December 20, 2002

Southwestern Community College District Swears In New Trustees

Salcido and Aranda Join Southwestern College’s Governing Board

CHULA VISTAThe Southwestern Community College District swore in two new trustees to the Southwestern College’s Governing Board during its December 11th meeting.

Yolanda Salcido and Christine Aranda, Ed.D., join trustees David J. Agosto, Jean Roesch, Ed.D., Terri Valladolid, and student trustee Robert Williams. Immediately, after the swearing in ceremony the Governing Board elected new officers. The Board will now be presided by Agosto and Dr. Roesch will serve as vice president.

Dr. Aranda, who defeated four other candidates in the November election, is a career public educator and a former California Deputy Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education. This was the first time she’s ever run for office.

“I feel that I have always left every institution in a better place and that is the same goal I have for Southwestern College,” said Aranda, who replaces Maria Neves-Perman.

Ms. Neves-Perman, who did not run for reelection because of health reasons, leaves the Southwestern College’s Governing Board after 16 years of hard work and dedication.

Salcido, a supervisor with the San Diego Superior Court, takes over seat #4 after narrowly defeating Nancy Mul-cahy, a substitute teacher with a lifetime commitment to both public education and public service. Mulcahy served a four-year term on the Southwestern College Governing Board.

Salcido’s primary goal as Governing Board member will be to make sure Southwestern College students continue to achieve their educational goals.

“As a community college graduate, and mother of a college and high school student, I understand the challenges students and parents encounter in pursuing a college education, and the value and opportunity that a community college offers,” said Salcido, adding that she will advocate for Southwestern College to receive its fair share of state funding.

Southwestern College President Serafín A. Zasueta, Ph.D., thanked the departing Board members for their contributions and welcomed the new trustees.

“I look forward to working with you to advance the mission of Southwestern College and continue providing our students with a quality education,” said Zasueta.

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