December 20 2002

Raiders Launch Spanish-Language Web Site

The Oakland Raiders are proud to announce an exciting new technological expansion of that will allow more Raider fans to interact with the Team of the Decades. Raiders en Español - a Spanish-language version of the team’s official web site - will be accessible to Spanish-speaking fans via and by visiting

The Raiders, who operate one of the most heavily-trafficked team web sites in sports, are breaking new ground in this technological expansion by becoming the first NFL team to produce a Spanish-language website.

In early August 2002, the Raiders, in conjunction with San Diego-based Epic Cycle Interactive Inc., unveiled a state-of-the-art web site. In an effort to reach a broader spectrum of Raiders fans, a new weekly feature was introduced - Raiders en Español. As a result of the enormous success of Raiders en Español, the team decided an expanded Spanish version would further serve Raider fans.

“The Raiders are doing a wonderful job of using to reach out and build stronger relationships with their fans – providing an experience that is cross-cultural,” said Jim Fitzgerald, President and CEO of Epic Cycle. “This is evidenced by the breadth and depth of the site and this new initiative to publish the web site in Spanish as well as English. We are excited to see our products being used to manage multiple languages and increase the fan experience.”

The Raiders have made a concerted effort to reach out to all of the team’s fans, including those in the Hispanic community.

“Raider fans are located throughout the world,” said Oakland Raiders Chief Executive Amy Trask. “Our web site is one vehicle for us to reach Raider fans on every continent. We are excited that we are now providing a comprehensive Spanish-language site and look forward to further expansion of”

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