December 20, 2002

Energy Department Partners With the Hispanic Scholarship Fund Institute

WASHINGTON, DC — Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham today announced an increase in funds to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund Institute (HFSI) that will benefit more than 1,000 students in colleges and universities throughout the Nation. Students in states with high Hispanic student populations —California, Florida and Texas— will receive the largest share of funds.

“This scholarship program is another step towards our commitment to ensure more participation of promoting diversity in education, especially in the technical and scientific fields,” Secretary Abraham said. “DOE continues to look forward to creating additional opportunities through its HFSI program. This supports President Bush’s initiative on Education Excellence for Hispanic Americans.”

Through a new partnership with the Department of energy’s (DOE) Office of Economic Impact and Diversity, an award of $680,000 over the next three years will supplement the initial investment of $1.9 million by DOE’s Office of Environmental Management, bring the total support to over $2.7 million since 1990.

By tapping into the resources of Hispanic students, who are both underrepresented in higher education and in science and technology careers, the DOE/HSFI Institute Scholarship program is providing support to help educate a growing Hispanic population. Additionally, the scholarship program supports the complementary goals of expanding the number of skilled U.S. workers and of assisting more Hispanic students pursue higher education.

The Office of Economic Impact and Diversity provides guidance and direction to the Secretary of Energy on the impact of energy policies, procedures and programs on minorities, minority institutions and minority businesses. It is also responsible for providing agency support to minority educational institutions and for promoting diversity within DOE.

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