December 15, 2000


Bush Won, America Lost

Like many of our fellow citizens, I feel no elation or joy that the election is over. It really didn't matter who won or who lost. What hurts and pains the most is that our nation is in a perilous situation. Our most cherished institutions, that have made this nation the best in the world, have been ignored, bypassed, and rendered meaningless by fraud, deceit, greed and the dangerous grasp for power by dangerous unprincipled men. America has met its worse enemy and it is US! We stand naked and exposed for the fraud that we really are.

Our Constitution has been betrayed, the three pillars of the separation of powers in the Federal government are meaningless words, Federalism exists only in the breech, and DEMOCRACY was easily subverted by greed, money and corruption. Just what is different from our form of government from the Nicaraguan, Guatemalan, Cuban, Haitian, Chilean, Russian, China, or any other dictatorship that we disparage and make believe that we are so much better?

Our "golpe de estado" or "coupe d' é-tat" was accomplished without a shot being fired. But the takeover of our government was made in "deliberate violation of constitutional forms by a group of persons in or previously in positions of power!" Those words are what "Webster's New College Dictionary" defines as a "coupe d'é-tat"! Our Constitution has been rendered meaningless... Our country is now at the most dangerous serious period in its history. We are betrayed and defenseless against those who would corrupt or destroy our country.

Yes, the election is over... But at what cost?

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