December 15, 2000

New DaimlerChrysler Online Guide to Hispanic Financial Aid Helps Put Students on Information Highway to College

San Antonio — Daimler-Chrysler Corporation is helping put students on the "Information Highway" to college with a new online version of its popular On The Road to Higher Education: Guide to Hispanic Financial Aid Opportunities, at along with an update of the printed guide.

Both the 2000-2001 printed edition of Guide to Hispanic Financial Aid Opportunities and the Internet version provide information about requirements and deadlines for hundreds of scholarships, fellowships, grants and other college financial aid programs available to Hispanic undergraduate and graduate students.

"In our increasingly high-tech world, a college education is the best foundation for a secure future," said Joseph H. Casola, Vice President of Global Marketing Operations, Daimler-Chrysler. "However, for many families, costs are a major barrier to college attendance. Not every student has a computer at home, but with Internet capabilities through schools, colleges and libraries, we hope will increase Hispanic students' access to funding information so they can reach their goal of earning a college degree."

Students can search the Internet scholarship guide's database by state, major field of study, or undergraduate or graduate academic level. The Web site includes tips for writing letters to request scholarship information and for composing college and scholarship application essays. Spanish-speaking parents can access a bilingual page for helping their children stay on track for college. Scholarship listings on the site will be updated periodically. The Internet version also includes links to other education-related Web sites.

"The letter and resume formats and examples on are useful tools to help Hispanic students become better prepared for the requirements of college admission," said Deborah A. Santiago, Deputy Director, White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans.

Copies of the guide can be ordered free of charge, while supplies last, by writing: DaimlerChrysler Hispanic Scholarship Guide, P.O. Box 3189, Highland Park, MI 48203, by calling toll-free to (800) 521-0953 from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. EST, or by faxing a request to (800) 883-8338. DaimlerChrysler also will distribute free copies of the 2000-2001 printed guide throughout the nation to high schools and community colleges with predominantly Hispanic student bodies, as well as to public libraries in cities with large Hispanic populations, and to Hispanic organizations.

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