December 15, 2000

Give A Book This Christmas

Tired of walking the Malls looking for that perfect gift? Search no more, give the gift that will be treasured forever: a BOOK! Drop into your nearby book store, browse a little then select that book that will transport that child, teenager or adult into a world beyond their reach. Such a book is:

"In a Village far from Home"

My Life Among the Cora Indians of the Sierra Madre

Author: Catherine Palmer Finerty, who was born and raised in Southern California, went to work as an advertising copywriter and a magazine editor in Manhattan. After she retired from the world of work, she moved to Mexico. She moved to Guadalajara. But the big city life was not what she sought. Her heart sought a place where she could find satisfaction with her life. Eventually she discovered a small village, which could only be reached by mule or walking. She had found her way to the small Indian village of Jesus María, located high in the Sierra Madre Occidental. She lived there for eight years and assimilated the customs and traditions of the mostly Indian population.

She applied the nursing skills that most American women learn and began to treat the people of the town. She became accepted as their health provider. She opened a primitive clinic and competed with the local curanderos in the battle to improve the health and lives of the Cora Indians and of the few mestizos that lived in the village.

She learned to cope with little of the creature comforts that she had enjoyed much of her life. In the process, she discovered what it was to become as one with people who were bound to each other by custom, tradition and religion.

This gem of a book will keep you spellbound as you follow the author through the daily routines, festivals and traditions of the village people. Little by little, she becomes as one with them and gained their respect and love. In the process, Catherine Palmer Finerty discovered what it was that mattered in life.

After retiring, again, She was comforted by the thought that no matter how long she was gone, when she returned to visit, she would always be welcomed with a warm abrazo. The embrace that lets her heart know that she is still one of them. She is bound to them forever more.

(After eight years, the author moved to Pomona, California where she now resides).

Published by the University of Arizona Press on September 1, 2000
ISBN 0-8165-2037-2
240 pp,
$16.95 paperback

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