December 13, 2002

Tezozomoc Speaks

Hola gente, 11 días before Christmas! All the signs of Xmas are blooming to wit: LULAC is having their Christmas Members Christmas at the Handlery Hotel; Ofie de Carlsbad is having her Mexican Holiday Meal for Barrio Casrlsbad; Helen Chavez, is celebrating the annual Birthday party for her “Amor de su Vida,” Carl, at the Eagles Hall in San Diego. Pobre Carl he doesn’t get to many birthday gifts having been born so close to the Birthday of “Jesucristo’s” Birthday! Maria, Berenice, Erika y Paco are turning La Prensa offices into a miniature Christmas pageant. Si gente, Christmas also comes to La Prensa San Diego and the Merry sounds of Christmas can be heard throughout the building!

Pues, adelante con los chismes del Barrio. Our buena amiga, Maria Salas, unfortunately when she lost the election to be Mayor and because of Term Limits law, is now a “lame duck” politician. She can only serve in the City Council until the end of her term. She can’t run for re-election. Several politicos sensing an opportunity are flying trial balloons all over the place for her council seat. Among them is Steve Castañeda member of the Planning Commission, Dan Hom, local political activist and Scott Alvey of SBC have surfaced thus far. However, don’t give up on Maria Salas. I suspect this young lady will be involved in the political arena again.

Laugh of the week. Local Chavos who attend UCSD dropped Tezzy the word that the Student Body Association at UCSD, having nothing else to do, passed a resolution demanding UNISEX toilets! They claim they want to make it easier for those students who don’t really know whether to standup or squat when they go to the pot! First their head Poet got canned, now the poor students at UCSD can’t seem to know whether they are a Mr. or a Miss! Ahhhhh, America’s future leaders, you give us all such hopes for the future!

TEZOZOMOC BURRO AWARD for the week won by Luis Natividad, Rachel Ortiz, & The Leadership of the Chicano Foundation, along with City Councilman, Ralph Inzunza, b, State Assemblyman Juan Vargas, and former Assemblywoman Denise Ducheny for selling out Barrio Logan to John Moores of the PADRES. We hear your loud complaints Gente over the homeless being moved to Barrio Logan along with all the drug addicts and drunks who are now turning your community into a hell hole! Time for accountability Gente! Hold their feet to the fire. You have been sold out!

Chula Vista New Mayor Steve Padilla will soon have to bite the bullet! In case you didn’t notice, Padilla’s campaign reports listed a bakers-dozen Developers as big time donors to his campaign! Developers now are lining up to collect on their investment on Padilla. Insiders at City Hall alerted Tezzy that several of the Developers putting the squeeze on Mayor Padilla to turn over prime bay front lands to them. Seems they have dreams of building several High Rise Hotels on the Tidelands. OK Steve Baby, you are going to have to make a choice soon: Are you going to be the Communities Mayor or the toddy for the Developers. Oh, in case you forgot Mr. Mayor, at a recent Town Hall Meeting the Citizens of Chula Vista sent a resounding NO vote to building on Bay front lands or Tidelands!

MEMO to San Diego Unified Board: give it a break! Give new Board member Nakamura & Supt. Alan Bersin a chance to bring accommodation and change. The demotion of Chancellor Anthony Alvarado and his removal of a leadership role is a strong indication Supt. Bersin heard the message and felt our deep feelings on the way the “Blueprint for Success” was implemented & handled. Sheath your swords and give the Superintendent another chance. The children, parents and the community want their kids to get an education!

Bueno gente, enjoy the rush to the Mall. Pero, no olvide what Christmas is all about.


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