December 13, 2002

MACUILXOCHITL: “Five Flower”, The Aztec god of musici and dance.

Music Reviews and Updates
By Francisco H. Ciriza

Colombianos Aterciopelados Release Greatest Hits CD

The Latin Grammy winning Rock en Espanol act from Colombia, Aterciopelados, have recorded three new songs, plus an enhanced version of the new track “Mi Vida Brilla” for their latest BMG U.S. Latin release, Evolución. The new CD is an 18-track greatest hits collection the band released last November 5.

The critically acclaimed group has been hailed by Time magazine as one of “the 10 best bands on planet Earth” and can also be called ppioneers in the genre as they were one of the first Rock en Espanol acts to Emerege from Colombia. Aterciopelados is a colaboration between singer/songwriter Andrea Echeverri and sbassist/song-writer Hector Buitrago.

The aptly named Evolución offers an overview of Aterciopelados’ career, showcasing its poetic, socially conscious lyrics and knack for creating a musical melting pot of Latin rhythms, Colombian folk, and electronic sensibilities.

The band personally chose all the tracks and sequenced them chronologically. “Juégale, Apuéstale (Play The Game)”-from a Latin Rock Queen tribute album-makes its first appearance on an Aterciopelados release, as do three new tracks: “Tanto Amor,” “Mi Vida Brilla,” an enhanced CD track with graphic animation and a first-look at Echeverri’s baby daughter, and ”Florecita 2003" (Little Flower 2003) is a remake of the legendary song “Florecita Rockera” (Little Flower that Rocks), from the El Dorado album.

“This time around it is played at 130 beats per minute,” say Buitrago and Echeverri. “It is inspired by the version we played at live shows last year; it is a fusion between house and Champeta.” (Note: Champeta is a dancy, sensual type of rhythm from the coastal areas of Colombia).

Evolución follows,Gozo Poderoso, their fifth release and the first-ever Rock en Español album to be marketed by a major mainstream label and a major Latin label. Gozo Poderoso garnered widespread critical acclaim, earned a Grammy nomination and went on to win the Latin Grammy for Best Rock en Español Album.

“Language barriers don’t stand a chance against this CD’s powerful joy,” wrote Time magazine’s Christopher John Farley. In Spin magazine, Ed Morales praised Aterciopelados for “exulting in a psychedelic syncopation in an alt-salsa that moves the spirit, the body and the body politic.”

Since winning their Latin Grammy-which is on display at the National Colombian Museum thanks to a suggestion from one of their fans-Echeverri has given birth to her first child (daughter Milagros, born April 27, 2002) and the band have re-signed with BMG U.S. Latin in a new deal that calls for four new albums, including a solo album each from Echeverri and Buitrago. No word yet on a new studio album from Aterciopelados.

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