December 12, 2003

Hispanic Health Run/Walk

If you’re ready to turn off the television and start taking your health seriously for the year 2004, here’s the place to be. On Wednesday, December 31, 2003 at noon, runners and walkers will be meeting at Sunbridge Park in Chula Vista to participate in a 5k run/walk in order to promote health and physical fitness in the Mexican community.

In doing so, organizer of the Logan Heights Barrio Run, Frank Saiz, is hoping to raise issues about health, fitness, and quality of life through daily exercise in, but not limited to, the Mexican community. He also plans to increase the proportion of Hispanic adults who engage in exercise regularly, preferably on a daily basis for one half hour per day.

Participators will be running or walking with former San Diego State University runner and recently named Coach of the Year, Richard Cota, who was also named St. Augustine High School Hall of Famer. Norberto Avila, with the Bonita Road Runners, will be participating. Augie Escamilla, a CCAA Championship team member, will be promoting physical fitness and health as he participates in the 5k. Other runners will include Mike Golden, Varsity Cross Country and 2-Mile runner, and the Balboa Park Horney Toads, who will be selecting participants who are dedicated enough to compete in the Master and Senior Runners competition against Cuba.

The run will end at East J Street, on the corner next to Casillas School. There will be race spotters that will be directing traffic for runners up until the end of the run. Immediately following, there will be refreshments, music, certificates for runners and walkers who complete the 5k.

Those who plan to start taking their health seriously when the New Year begins will make an official pledge, and following this initial activity the charter group will have the opportunity to participate with various groups and educational institutions in a variety of physical education programs. The group will not have regular meetings, but will work on the pledge they make on the day of the event. In addition, those who represent San Diego State University will make every effort to bring Track and Field as well as Cross Country back to the university intercollegiate program.

For more information on the event, contact Francisco Saiz at 619-482-4790, or Pete Amarillas at 619-234-2003.

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