December 12, 2003


Hispanic leaders have something they can protest?

Of all the issues that face the Hispanic community, Hispanic leaders in San Diego have finally found an issue that they can latch on to and fight for … whether or not a non-profit group will erect a statue of Pete Wilson at “San Diego’s Walk of Fame” in Downtown San Diego.

While we agree that Pete Wilson is no friend to the Hispanic community, the comparisons to Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein have been a little overboard. Let us not forget that both Prop 187 and Prop 209, for which he is being vilified, was also voted for and supported by a large number of Hispanic voters. It is too bad that these Hispanic leaders do not stop fighting paper tigers and instead confront the real-politic of today.

The idea of the Wilson statue has been met with disdain by some Hispanic leaders. It’s a shame that they don’t bring as much passion and action to relevant issues that have an impact on the Hispanic community, not only today, but in the future. Addressing more important issues would be ideal, such issues as the Patriot Act, which is currently eroding our civil and constitutional rights, or the proposed state budget, which could destroy many of the services that address the needs of our community, and in particular, our Hispanic youth who are seeking a better education. Or how about educating the Hispanic community so that in the future, when they do vote, and that they will vote in their best interest, nullifying such politicians such as Wilson and Arnold Schwarzennegger.

While some self-anointed Hispanic leaders are focusing on a statue of Pete Wilson, the Anglo media are citing their inept political actions as an example of the ineptness of the Hispanic body politic. Issues that will impact our lives are meanwhile ignored. Que tristesa! (What a pity).

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