December 9, 2005

Bullfight World
By Gary Sloan

The 2005 Bullfight Season in Revue

This is a revue and summary of the 2005 season in Tijuana. To begin with, it was a very good temporada. What was lacking in the number of corridas, this year, was more than made compensated by the quality of the performances. Kudos go out to Espectáculos Taurinos and their managers, retired Matador Ricardo Sanchez, and Gubersindo Diaz for their great selection of toros y toreros.

Best Herd of Bulls

This was an easy one, as there were a few contenders. The best were from Real de Saltillo, presented August 14, for the young guys, Omar Villaseñor, Ishmael Rodriguez, and Juan Carlos Cubas. Total awards, five ears. The Marron bulls, for July 31, for Manolo Arruza, “Zotoluco,” and Jose Luis Adame, surrendered five ears and a rabo. The September 16 herd from Don José Julian Llaguno for “El Conde,” with Caesar Casta-ñeda, and Fabián Barba, allowed only one ear. Nevertheless, this was the biggest, most beautiful herd of bulls that I have ever seen in Mexico.

But, the best encierro, was the July 10 herd from Don Fernando De La Mora, for Eloy Cavazos, Alejandro Amaya, and Rejoneador Gastón Santos, which surrendered 12 ears, two tails, and an indulto. What a herd!

This resulted in the obvious selection, the two bulls that were indultado, “Motivo” from Fernando De La Mora (July 10) for Eloy Cavazos, and “Georgino,” from El Junco for “Zotoluco.” The best was “Georgino.”

Together, “Georgino” and “Zotoluco” produced a faena that was unforgettable. A total of 75 or 80 muletazos, of which seven or eight tandas were in los medios, in a shaft of late afternoon golden autumn sunshine.

Best Cape Lances

“Zotoluco,” on August 31, “Maquiladora” from Marron. Zotoluco’s Verónicas and stunning media veronica, were the best of the year.

Best Quite

No doubt about it, Omar Villaseñor with his set of gaoneras, finished with a rebolera, with “Tequilero” from Real De Saltillo.

Best Pic

The veteran “Miura,” always a class performer,took this one.

Best Pair of Banderillas by a Subalterno

Fernando Garcia.

Best pair of Banderillas by a Matador

Caesar Castañeda, with the Llaguno bull “Huzachero.” Actually, all three pairs were great.

Best Right Handed Muletazos

Eloy Cavazos, with his third bull  July 10, “Motivo” from Fernando De La Mora, ran the hand as long as it can be run.

Best Left Handed Muletazos

Manolo Arruza, with “Soberano” from Marron, showed everybody how it is done with the left hand side. Absolutely sensational!

Best Overall Faena

Although there were fae-nas with greater awards, including two indultos, and four rabos, I feel that the best faena was performed by Manolo Arruza on July 31st with the Marron bull “Soberano.” At age50, Arruza has never looked better. His faena with this animal was a thing of beauty. Made entirely by the work on the left hand side, no one else really came close. Capped by a great sword that dropped the bull patas arriba. For whatever reason, he was granted only one ear!

Best Sword

A tie, Manolo Arruza with “Soberano” patas arriba (hoov-es in the air), and Alejandro Amaya, on July 10, with “Chap-paro”, patas arriba.

Best Afternoon

July 10, with Cavazos, Amaya, and Gaston Santos, with bulls from Fernando De La Mora. Twelve ears, two tails, and an indulto. What a day!

Triunfador of the Season

It was close, between “Zotoluco” and Eloy Cavazos, but in the end, it has to go to the “Maestro de Monterrey”, Eloy Cavazos. He simply had a great season.

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