December 9, 2005

Lights are on at South Bay Community Center Thanks to Donation by DA’s Office after Murder

San Diego District Attorney Bonnie M. Dumanis announced today that the lights are on at the Robert Egger, Sr./South Bay Community Park and Recreation Center in Nestor. The DA’s Office donated more than $13,000 to improve the lighting at the park following the murder of a Southwest High School student there in October.

“Family and friends of murder victim Donna Hernandez wanted better lighting in the area in an effort to prevent more crimes,” DA Dumanis said. “Our office was glad to provide the money necessary to make the park and recreation area safer for the community.”

The 17-year-old murder victim was sitting in a car with friends when two men approached in the dimly-lit parking lot and opened fire during a robbery. Hernandez died of gunshot wounds while her two friends were not injured.

As part of Phase One, the City of San Diego Park and Recreation Department replaced 17 low pressure sodium lights on the building’s exterior with brighter metal halide lights at a cost of $10,147. Phase Two was also completed, in which the three parking lot lights were changed from high pressure sodium to the brighter metal halide lights at a cost of about $3,000.

A plan to add more light poles on the grounds is no longer necessary because the recent changes have increased the lighting to make the area bright enough at night, according to Ted Medina, Director of the San Diego Park and Recreation Department. The work was completed late last week.

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