December 9, 2005


Republicans Need to take Control of their Party!

Little noticed in San Diego was the special election to fill the 48th Congressional seat in Orange County this week, where Minuteman Project co-founder Jim Gilchrist ran a race based solely on immigration and his extreme ideas of closing the borders. Though never really considered a threat to win the seat he had hoped to show that immigration was an issue of paramount importance, influence the national debate, and affect future elections by making the issue of immigration the driving force.

Leading up to the election, Gilchrist dominated the election. He was able to turn the election into a one issue race and control the debate throughout. Of course, it didn’t hurt that he was running in Orange County, the rock bed of extreme Republican Conservatism and that he had the support of extremist Rep. Tom Tancredo from Colorado, a Republican who has been the most outspoken on closing the Border. And for those who have forgotten Orange County is home of Prop. 187, the anti-immigrant proposition.

As usual, the extremist Right Wing of the Republican Party is so blinded by their hatred of the working class that they completely fail to see that the biggest threat to America is the take over of America by the Corporate extremist who wish to control America and its wealth. The workers become captive slaves of the wealth sector of America. President George Bush and the Republican Party lost the war in Iraq the moment that they put the corporate moguls in charge of the war in Washington and in Iraq. They only cared to improve their Bottom line and cared little about the American service men that are being killed daily for their profit margins.

But in the final analysis the voters spoke and 75% of the voters decided that the other issues facing them such as jobs, the war in Iraq, Social Security, the price of gasoline, to name a few were of far more importance, than the single issue of immigration. The elected candidate of this race was Republican John Campbell who received 45% of the vote with Democrat Steve Young coming in second with 28%. Gilchrist received 25%.

This is not to say that immigration is a second tier issue, it is not. It is an issue that is important and needs to be addressed and a solution worked toward from all sides of the issue. This is not an issue that should be addressed from the extreme perspective of the likes of Gilchrist and Tancredo.

The writing is on the wall for the Republicans when it comes to immigration. It is time to move away from the extremist side of the issue and move toward a more humane and workable solution on the issue. The voters have grown weary of the hate and divisiveness that has been driving this issue.

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