December 9, 2005

Bonita Vista’s Posada Performance Set to Debut Saturday

By John Philip Wyllie

Bonita Vista High School’s Folklorico dance group is preparing to host its First Annual Folklorico Posada Concert Saturday, December 10 at 6:30 p.m. in the Ron Bolles Theatre located at 751 Otay Lakes Road in Chula Vista. The event will feature traditional dances and costumes from five regions of Mexico and a special guest performer demonstrating the fine art of Spain’s Flamenco dancing. Now in its sixth year and its fourth under the direction of Ina Fogelequist, the group has grown in size from 15 to 45 members.

“When it first started it was an after school club with only 15 members, but now we have 45 participants involved in one of two classes that meet fifth and sixth period. We are getting our parents involved for the first time this year and they have been making decorations and will be selling goodies during the intermission,” Fogelquist said.

The event is being organized as a fundraiser to purchase material to make additional costumes and to pay for a trip next spring to one of the large annual Mariachi conferences.

Cynthia Ortiz modeling the Folklorico dress she will wear Saturday night at Bonita Vista High School’s Annual Posada Concert.

“My idea is to provide these students with a wider horizon so that they can see other groups and how they perform. We are hoping to raise enough money to go to one of two conferences so that they can see and experience other ways of teaching and (interact) with other students doing the same thing.”

Fogelquist has been helped considerably this year by several students, but especially by Stephanie Kean and Leticia Diaz.

Cynthia Ortiz, another one of Fogelquist’s enthusiastic returning students talked about the importance of school sponsored groups such as this from her perspective.

“I think it is important for students to travel to see other cultures and to learn about their own culture.”

As one of the newer programs to emerge, Bonita Vista has a little catching up to do when it competes against other more established programs.

“We need more dresses so that our performers will look as good as those from the other schools,” Ortiz said. She believes her involvement in the school’s Folklorico dance group has been very beneficial.

“Now I know more about my own culture and the different regions of Mexico.”

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