December 9, 2005


Sweetwater High School District Trustees in Denial?

Last week, in La Prensa San Diego’s Tezozomoc Speaks column (dated 12/02/05), it was noted that perhaps it was time for the Sweetwater High School District to perform a thorough audit of the District, in light of the apparent mismanagement of money, the lackadaisical control over inventory, the mismanaged use of Prop BB monies and that, seemingly, all the top Management Personnel appear to be leaving the school district in recent months.

It was with some coincidence that a similar call for a thorough audit of the Los Angeles school district was editorialized upon, by the Los Angeles Times in their December 4 issue. They stated, “[T]o really understand where to go next, outsiders and insiders alike need a brightly illuminated picture of how the district’s administration operates…”

If a district needs illumination, it is the Sweetwater High School District. At present, the Sweetwater School District appears to be operating in denial with regards to all the problems surrounding this district.

An audit of the Sweetwater School District would let all concerned interests know where the District stands in regards to what works and what is not working in the administration of the school. Where the money is wisely being spent and where it is wasted. And, it will give an accounting of the school property. An audit of the school district is also needed in light all the scandals, corruption and mismanagement of monies within and out of San Diego and of which Sweetwater has not been immune.

It is better to take the bull by the horns and deal with the situation before it becomes too late and the problems overwhelm the district. Once you know the problems then you can move forward and solve them. That is of course unless the School Board Trustees do not want their problems to come to light!

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