December 8, 2000

Valle Lindo Cupstack 2000

The Valle Lindo Cupstackers are off! Inventor Wayne Godinet of Oceanside, California, introduced this exciting club to Valle Lindo Elementary School five years ago. Under the inspiration and coordination of Instructional Assistant Ruthann Kraus, cup stacking has become a popular, collaborative event at Valle Lindo School. Each grade level meets once a week during the students' race to stack cups faster than other teams. Parent volunteers help coach the children during this time and during the competitions.

"I love it!" Ruthann Kraus stated with enthusiasm, "I see kids' faces, especially the timid ones, get very excited and involved in working as a team whether or not they like each other. This sport raises children's self-esteem. It brings in parent involvement. It's very rewarding."

Cupstack is a sport that began in 1980. It requires stacking 5" cups upside-down into pyramids, returning to starting point, and finally unstacking cups back into their original position. There are predetermined sequences for each grade level from beginners to professionals. It is an individual or team sport consisting of 5 to 6 members. Cupstack is a developmental and educational tool that enhances self-esteem, eye-hand coordination, stimulation of both side of the brain, teamwork, and a sense of pride for the school.

In 1998, the Valle Lindo Cupstack Club was awarded the First Annual Matthew Checci Inspirational Trophy in memory of nine year-old Matthew Checci, who was killed at an Oceanside reststop. This award was created to encourage unity and inspiration in Oceanside. The Checci family and the City of Orville, Matthew's hometown, are supporters and participants in Cupstack.

Each year, an International World Cupstack competition is held in Oceanside. Schools from all over the world participate in this event. In June 2000, the Valle Lindo Club was awarded individual medals, team medals, ribbons, and certificates for participation. Valle Lindo Principal Dawn Navarro raced against other principals from around the State and won the "Principal's Cup." Next year, the Valle Lindo Cupstackers plan to win again, especially in spirit and pride for Valle Lindo School. Cupstack is a fun, exciting, and spirited club.

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