December 8, 2000


The Reign of Susan Golding

How one views Susan Golding's reign as mayor of San Diego is dependent on whether one is looking through rose colored lenses or peered through lenses scarred by the wounds inflicted upon our community.

The company paper, the San Diego Union- Tribune, has ignored the problematic nature of her tenure in office and touted and supported every move she made regardless of the damage to the public good. Their recent coverage of her tenure in office pointedly ignored all the problems that were generated "during her watch"!

The view from La Prensa San Diego was a far different reality of the golden "Golding" years. Our view was conditioned by the every day reality of the constant neglect of our communities.

A few of her "accomplishments" that impacted upon the minority community:

Mayor Susan Golding took it upon herself to label all Mexicans, Chicanos, as being "drug addicts, pushers," responsible for all the crimes in the county, including being responsible for all the rapes, shootings in the county. She generated hysteria in the communities that led to the killings, beatings and jailing of our people. Massive oppression and suppression of our Civil Rights were carried out in our barrios by the law enforcement agencies.

Massive protests were held against the Mayor, La Prensa demanded for the Mayor to show proof or publicly retract her racist statements. Eventually, the Mayor was forced to retract her unfounded statements. However, the damage had been done; our people became the target of all the extremists groups in the city and county. Retribution of sorts was had when her husband was charged with laundering money for the drug cartels and was sent to prison.

Under her watch, Latinos, Mexican Americans, Blacks, in fact all non-white businesses were excluded from receiving city contracts. Affirmative action died while she sided with the massive white business entities that were already getting 85 percent of the city's business. Currently minorities get less than 5 percent.

The minority city districts were the most polluted in the county and the state. Under the Golding administration Logan Heights was and is the most dangerous place to live. San Ysidro and its river of shame is still the biggest source of pollution in our oceans.

Employment of minorities, while she was Mayor, was at 3 percent even though minorities were 12-27% of the population. Minorities were relegated primarily to the lowest paid jobs in the city. The glass ceiling existed and kept minorities out of the top jobs, or mid level positions.

Street maintenance, lighting in our communities, sidewalks don't exist, slums are the norm, poverty, under and unemployment, are rampant in our barrios.

Aids is now killing our youth, drugs are easier to get than a free meal, justice doesn't exist...

These are but a few of the "low marks" of her administration. We could print out the 50 pages of projects for our neighborhoods that have not been carried out. But, heck, lets look at her highlights: Charger ticket give-away that costs the city millions, using public monies to build baseball stadiums, while the poor and homeless freeze on the streets for lack of shelter, providing tax shelters for wealthy businesses, while the working class is starving.

Oh yes, it has been a grand time while Susan Golding was in office. The Chamber of Commerce loved her, the Union-Trib loved her, the rich and wealthy loved her... She was their ombudsman!

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