December 7, 2001

Tezezomoc Speaks

(Este Indio been gone for awhile. Been visiting los Volcános "Iztaccihuatl", "Popocatepetl", y "Axooxco" getting back to my roots. But the time has come to return, LITE UP MY PIPA and speak the truth from my Jacal)

Crossing La Frontera', es puro `Toro popo! hijole what a pain.


Pasando por Sydro heard a lot of chisme about Sydro dumping San Diego and creating their own city! La Gente saying "Ya basta with San Diego politicos stealing all the pesos from the Feds and blowing it on the ball park while el Barrio de Sydro suffers!"


PREGUNTA: Maybe when el Señor De La Fuente gets his dinero from the city he will bank role whole movida and become Sydro's first Alcalde (Mayor) ??? Wouldn't that be a kick in the butt!.


Sue Braun of the San Diego City School Board got the message. She is out and has endorsed Katherine Nakamura to succeed her. Nakamura just got kiss of death!. This race is going to be veeery interesting!!!!


HORALE SENOR LOPEZ: Do la GENTE a favor and join Sue Braun ...You have done enough damage to our Niños!


CHULA VISTA may have an Hispanic mayor, either Mary Salas, or Steve Padilla. (Notice no digo MEXICAN or Chicana/o ). Past record of these two indicates they will support the Good Ole Boys (Developers, bankers, General Contractors... etc) everyone except the Gente de Bronz! Salas has ignored calls by he communmity for a Citizen's Review Board of the police! (Check her campaign records to see who is paying these guys off). A call to review the hiring and contracting by the city ignored by both. This will be for tough an Hispanic to be Mayor of Chula Vista where discrimination against our gente is so obvious!.


In District 8 in San Diego Yolanda Escamilla is running against the incumbant Inzunza. Marissa Bueno Acierto is campaiging for the 4th District seat. Escamilla has the support of the Raza Rights Coalition. Acierto touts her business success "one of the top Forty Under 40 entrepreneurs.


It looks like Denise Ducheney (D) has a clear road toward the 40th Senate seat in the Democratic Primary. Not necessarily the best candidate, but shows a lack of interest by the other Democrats to run. 40th now runs from the Pacific coast along the border to Calexico and points north/west. Not much out there but cactus and sand. Race not a shoo in for democrats. Lots of Republicans in the new district.. .


San Diego Padres put the ole squeeze play on Enrique Morones. The new management doesn't need a Mexican on board anymore. Morones spent most of his time herding Mexican fans from across the border to fill Charger stadium. With the free gift from City of San Diego to build a new ballpark A MUCH SMALLER BALLPARK, the PADRES won't have room for the cross border baseball fans! It is no longer necessary to bus in Mexican fans from Tecate or Tijuana.


Hey Homies got a couple of dollars rolling around in your pocket, instead of blowing it on a cerveza do a good thing and send it to LULAC, they could use the support in feeding 250 hungry families this holiday season. Call Bea Estrada at 619-423-5014.


Our prayers go out to Sarita Baca. Been sick for awhile now, apparently, after many test, she has a cyst on the brain. We know she will pull through, she is a tough cookie. Our prayers also go to Don Pepper (Jose) who fought with us La Migra Wars of the 70's. He is not well. Horale ZipLock was it worth it?????


Pos gente hasta La Otra

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