December 3, 2004

El Presidente Bush made a trip to Mexico to sooth al Presidente Fox who is beginning to feel poco escamado. Time getting corto en “Los Pinos.” El PAN seems to be losing ground. Word out of Los Pinos is that Governor Schwarzenegger insulted al Presidente. The Guv had tiempo to go to the homeland (Germany), had a cup of Tea with the Japanese, in Tokyo, shared a cup of Camels milk with the King in Jordan, he even toured Israel checking out the ancient digs....Pero, he had no time to eat Tacos with el Presidente Fox!

MEMO to Schwarzenegger: You still mad at the reception the Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian Hapsburg got from Mexico after 1862 (Cinco de Mayo)? Come on, Presidente Fox may need some help to get away from the PRIstas.What better than the Terminator?

El new Alcalde de Tijuas, Jorge Hank Rhon (Member of the PRI) begin his 3-year reign as Alcalde de Tijuana. Before assuming the office took communion from Bishop Romo Muñoz. (El Jefito just wants you to know he is not related to the Bishop.)

Pregunta: Did Zeta cover the Mass or installation of the new Mayor? The Editor of Zeta still pretty angry over his main writer being killed over exposures of Hank Rhon in his stories. The Mayor has never been arrested or charged by the police over the matter. The killer(s) have never been identified. Some say it was Hank Rhon’s bodyguard that did the dirty deed. Quien sabe!

Dicho: “History is a pack of lies about events that never happened told by people who weren’t there”

-George Santayana

Lo que está pasando en Payton Place - National City! The latest mamada is over the Port Commissioner position. Scuttle butt is, Mayor Inzunza wants to move Robert “Dookie” Valderrama, a San Diego County Water Board rep, to the Port District. The movida behind this is that Inzunza can then appoint himself to the Water Board and draw down $20gs per month for doing nothing. Of course this scam will bring him a step closer to developers and fundraising opportunities. Alerta Supervisors!

The monkey wrench in this whole enchilada was that City Councilman Frank Parra put in to have Jess Van Deventer reappointed to the San Diego County Water Board on the Council Docket. Mayor Inzunza was out of town, so Papa Ralph Inzunza rallied the troops to the last council meeting to mau mau the City Council into tabling the agenda, until Dec. 21! Maybe it is stuff like this why we are hearing rumblings of a recall of Mayor Inzunza. Stay tuned for “As National City Churns…”

So what is up with the Mayor’s race in San Diego? Tezzy still thinks the Roma “face reading is correct.... Donna Frye, with or without the Bubble will prevail! This City Council is 3/4 dysfunctional already. El Mayor received a 2/3rd voter mandate of the voters of the city that they didn’t want him back either as a “Strong Mayor or as a weak mayor! Talk about Tijuana having the election stolen by the PRIistas and the will of the voters ignored... Hijole! Guess where Tijuas gets all this cute ideas of how to rip off an election!

Steve Castaneda recently elected to the Chula Vista City Council, has now left an opening for a seat on the Chula Vista Planning Commission. If you are interested in serving on the commission call the City Clerk’s Office at (619) 691-5041.

PREGUNTA: How come KGTV Channel 10 dumped Leonard Villarreal, who was noted for his professional presentation of the news, without nary a word to the million or so Raza that regularly tuned in to his presentation of the news? Perhaps nuestra Gente should dump KGTV10 for showing such disrespect to our people. KGTV/Channel 10 leadership showed no class in its treatment of a loyal professional broadcaster.

“Don’t let it end like this.
Tell them I said something.”

Pancho Villa

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