December 3, 2004

Latino Author Claims “Left Behind” Doctrine Fans Flames of Political and Religious Conflicts

Several authors of theology books, including a former Latino radio-television talk show host and news reporter, today tossed a theological gauntlet at those who promote the Left Behind doctrine, claiming it is not biblical. The Left Behind doctrine teaches that born again Christians will be secretly caught up to heaven seven years before Jesus Christ returns back to earth, thereby escaping a period they call “The Great Tribulation.” The doctrine also claims the turmoil in the Middle East is the unfolding of Bible prophecy.

Joe Ortiz, who recently completed a book (The End Times Passover) that refutes the Left Behind doctrine, is being supported by published authors Ted Noel, Stephen Sizer and Steve Wohlberg. They have joined forces with the former news reporter and talk show host in his challenge to debate any and all Left Behind authors and preachers. Evangelical fundamentalists Tim LaHaye, Jerry Jenkins, Mike Evans, Hal Lindsey and Dr. Tommy Ice, are the most well known promoters of a doctrine that Ortiz believes promotes false expectations to Christians and Jews.

Ortiz, who has the distinction of being the first Mexican American to host an English-language, commercial radio talk show on KABC Talk Radio, says the Left Behind doctrine tends to influence many political decision makers in the US and abroad, based solely on proponents’ misinterpretation of the Bible.

“It is not our intent to create discord within the theology community by challenging Left Behind proponents, “said Ortiz, “However, there are far too many academics and theology scholars throughout the world who are convinced the Left Behind doctrine is blatant fiction and a distortion of scripture. Sadly, its proponents seem more concerned with making money from selling their books than by teaching biblical truth.”

Ortiz claims that adherents to this doctrine are being duped into believing a distorted Bible message that is fanning the flames of world politics. He said Left Behind proponents willingly or unwittingly are promoting a doctrine that foster religious and ethnic conflicts throughout the world.”

“Their misguided interpretation of the Bible is having a negative influence in the political world; one that goes way beyond the scope of separation from church and state,” adds Ortiz. “If left to continue unabated, this country will become more divided, and many people will suffer greatly, especially with renewed cynicism toward low income minorities and most immigrants.”

Ortiz added he is giving his book away for free, unlike Left Behind theorists who are making millions from their books and movies. It can be downloaded at his web site at:

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