December 3, 2004


The Election of Mike Aguirre, Dawning of a New Era?

The election of Mike Aguirre, as District Attorney for the City of San Diego, has the downtown establishment types a bit uneasy as he prepares to take the oath of office December 6th. The problem is that they don’t see him as part of the “good old boy system”. He is an outsider of sorts and is seen as a far different City Attorney as opposed to the long line of compliant city attorneys of the past.

What Mike Aguirre has promised to do, as the next City Attorney, is to take a proactive role in protecting the rights and interest of the residents of the City and work to bring a far more open and transparent City Council. Instead of only serving the political agendas of the elected individuals and the vested interests of the wealthy, he will work to bring the citizens of San Diego into the process. For much too long, the City Council and Mayor have used their powers to serve their narrow political interests and that of the affluent business and corporate entities. Past District Attorneys ignored the fact that they were elected to protect the rights and interests of all the citizens of San Diego and not only be at the beck and call of the Mayor and the City Council. Aguirre’s open approach, in of itself, would bring a much needed breath of fresh air for this office.

But what really has the downtown establishment up in arms is that Mike Aguirre personifies a new type of Hispanic. In fact he is a personification of the historical Hispano who dared to sail across the Atlantic to conquer and settle unknown lands and peoples in what came to be known as the “Americas.’ They aren’t sure how to deal with a Mike Aguirre who is strong and demands respect. They are not sure how to deal with a man that they can’t control or buy off! Aguirre represents a new era for the Hispanic community and this sends shivers down the spine of the establishment.

Aguirre is an educated, upper-middle class Hispanic with roots in the Chicano Mexican American community. He volunteered his services as a lawyer to Cesar Chavez, and defended the United Farm Workers against the abuses from the agricultural interests of this state and nation. Mike Aguirre joined with the organized political groups, such as the Chicano Democratic Association (CDA), The Mexican American Political Association, (MAPA), The Spanish Speaking Political Association (SSPA), The Chicano Federation, and (LULAC) the League of United Latin American Citizens, among many others, to bring about a change the political climate in San Diego and the County.

Mike Aguirre has run for public office at various times. He always came close but never able to grasp the golden ring of success. But, he never gave up. Aguirre was determined to win. In each and every race that Mike was in, La Prensa San Diego supported him and worked the campaign in his behalf. We refused to believe that he would never win in a political race. We saw his strength and knew that some day he would win his race. And he did!

As of December 6th the ball will be in Aguirre’s court. He has cornucopia of issues to deal with and through which to make his mark, some of which are daunting. And he has the entire City watching his every move. As is “la costumbre” of our people, we pray that he will succeed, not only because he is Hispano but also for the benefit of all the residents of San Diego. The City now has a real Lawyer as its City Attorney.

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