December 2, 2005

Hurricane Katrina was one of the worst natural disasters in history. Billions of dollars were donated as well as material goods to assist the citizens impacted by the hurricane. La Gente came together to support the relief effort. Well almost all. Assemblyman Juan Vargas, however, saw the distress as a political opportunity. According to the Barrio chisme, first, he paid Weldon Donaldson, a media consultant, $25,000 to promote his Katrina relief project. Then Vargas paid another $25,000 to advertise his Humanitarian efforts on local television. What a Guy!!!

Taken from the pages of the SD Reader: National City mayor Nick Inzunza, recently the subject of a Union-Tribune exposé about his plans to take an extended holiday vacation from his mayoral duties, owns a getaway in the San Bernardino Mountains. Property tax records show, that in January 2001 Nick Inzunza and wife Olga purchased a one-bedroom cabin with fireplace in Sugarloaf, near Big Bear Lake, for about $20,000. Inzunza, brother of ex-San Diego city councilman Ralph Inzunza, convicted in the Cheetahs case, also has extensive real estate holdings in Barrio Logan. In addition, tax records show that in 1998 he bought a parcel in National City with Angel Hueso, the brother of Ben Hueso, currently a San Diego City Council candidate. A year later, the records show, Hueso transferred his interest to Inzunza.

Speaking of Angel Hueso, the brother of Ben Hueso and candidate for District 8 had a little tussle with a UT reporter and candidate Remy Bermudez. Both filed a police report apparently. Angel takes his politics a little too personal.

Word coming out of the City Manager’s office in National City is that no fire truck was used to campaign for Prop. B, as reported in La Prensa San Diego. Well, all we can say is our best eye witness, the Editor of La Prensa, Daniel Munoz, Jr., saw the big National City red fire truck, plastered with a vote yes on Prop. B, along with a couple of individuals dressed in casual clothes handing out flyers, with his own big brown eyes! Apology anyone!

What’s up with Sweetwater High School District?? All the top administrators are leaving the district en masse?? This is not a good sign, when all the mice leave the ship it usually means something bad is coming down the pike.

What the Sweetwater School Board needs is a thorough audit to find out what exactly has been going on in the District! We have some idea, what with principals getting caught with school property at home and hiring relatives. Then there is the lack of control on employee spending habits. And, what about all the gyms that were built, to the exclusion of real need in the district? This School Board has lost control of the district; somebody is going to have to take charge. And just who allowed Superintendent Edward Brand transfer out of the District without first being made to account for his stewardship of the District???

The new Mayor of San Diego, Jerry Sanders, is meeting with the new Tijuana mayor, Hank Rhon. Hey Jerry, what about meeting with local Hispanics (U.S. Citizens) and learn something about them (other than that incident known locally as The McDonalds Massacre)?

“Famous Quote” The truth is I broke the law, concealed my conduct and disgraced my office. I know that I will forfeit my freedom, my reputation, my worldly possessions, most importantly, the trust of my friends and family”

Randy “Duke” Cunningham
Former Republican Congressman 50th District

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