December 2, 2005


Time to make a decision on Patty Davis’ seat

The excused absence for Chula Vista City Councilperson, Patty Davis, is now reaching five months. Five months of no representation on the City Council. Ms Davis contracted Viral Encephalitis* and has been absent since August 2, 2005.

The City Council has been sensitive to Ms Davis plight and have extended to her the respect and time needed to recover and resume her duties. The question now is how much longer will the City Council continue to extend the excused absences for Ms Davis?

Mayor Padilla and the City Council members are going to have to ascertain whether or not Ms Davis can continue to serve the city in the very near future and if not then they will have to take the necessary steps to see that this position is filled. With only three councilmen and the mayor serving, it is going to take a full council to make the important decisions facing the city in the next year.

To continue the silence on this issue and to continue excusing her absence indefinitely does a disservice to the community of Chula Vista.

*Viral encephalitis

Viral encephalitis is inflammation of the brain caused by a virus. Some viral diseases, such as measles and rubella, can also progress to involve inflammation of the brain. Once inside the blood, the viruses migrate to the brain where they start to multiply. The body notices the invasion and mounts an immune system response. This causes the brain to swell. The major risk is permanent brain damage. Children aged one year or less and adults aged 55 years and over are more vulnerable to life threatening complications.

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