December 1, 2000


We Welcome Mexico's New Presidente
While We Await Ours!

Viva! El Nuevo Presidente

While the North American public awaits the "Miami Sound Machine" to produce our next president, Mexico's 100 million citizens will celebrate the assumption of La Presidencia de México, by Vicente Fox! In many ways Mexico has arrived at a historic period in its glorious history. For the first time, since the time of "La Conquista," Mexico can proclaim that "La Verdadera Revolución," that began in 1910, has finally achieved its goals!

The one party rule has ended! The rule by Caciques, Military, Caudillos, and the landed aristocracy have come up against the will of the people and have suffered a setback that it may never recover from! From the tip of Yucatán, Chiapas, Campeche to the northern reaches of Baja California, Sonora, and Nuevo Leon, La Raza has spoken out loud and clear. They want democracy and a government by the people, for the people and by God they got it.

Alaska, Canada, the United States are now bound together with the other great North American nation MEXICO by the great notion of DEMOCRACY! They are the bow of the ship of state that is the American continent. Meso America. Along with all the nations that make up the South American continent, founded by the Spanish Conquest, are the remainder and ARE vital parts of this continent. We are bound together. We should remember that if the middle and fantail of this great ship of state flounders and sinks, it would bring down with it the bow of the ship and sink us all.

Meanwhile, the two Nero's fiddle... while Rome burns. It is time to close this sad charade and get the ship of state back on course. It is time the people of the U.S. speak out and bring an end to this sad chapter in our history.

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