August 31, 2001

Zero-Tolerance Policy in San Diego City Schools

The Board of Education has approved the following Zero Tolerance Policy that applies to students in middle school (grades 6-8), junior high (grades 7-8 or 7-9) and high schools (grades 9-12 or 10-12):

1. An immediate five-day suspension and a recommendation for expulsion will be made for students who do the following:

-Use, possess, or brandish a weapon. A weapon is defined as, but not limited to, a firearm, pistol, replica, starter pistol, stun gun, BB gun or pellet gun, a knife of any size or type, a dirk, dagger, razor, slingshot, any explosion or fireworks. Any object used in a dangerous manner will be considered a weapon.

- repeatedly fight or participate in violent acts that cause serious injury to another person.

- commit or attempt a sexual assault, or commit a sexual battery.

2. The district has a NO ALCOHOL, NO TOBACCO, and NO DRUG USE POLICY.

- Students will be recommended for expulsion on their first offense for selling or furnishing controlled/prohibited substances, or for possessing an amount of a controlled/prohibited substance determined to be more than for personal use.

- Students will be recommended for expulsion on their third offense for possession or use of controlled/prohibited substances for personal use, except for tobacco.

- Students will be recommended for expulsion on their fourth offense for possession of tobacco.

3. In addition to receiving school-initiated discipline, students may be arrested, charged and taken to a county juvenile detention facility or to county jail if they have violated the state penal code.

4. Expulsion from San Diego City Schools means the loss of student privileges to attend school or extracurricular activities. Students will be placed in an alternative school or educational program for the period of an expulsion approved by the Board of Education.

5. The zero Tolerance Policy requires a recommendation for expulsion if the offense takes place on school campus or at a school activity, whether that activity is on or off campus.

6. Students may be recommended for expulsion for an offense that takes place:

- during a lunch period off campus.

- while going to or from school.

- while going to or from a school-sponsored activity.

The Zero Tolerance Policy is designed to provide our schools a safe environment and to provide an appropriate learning environment for students.

Schools will keep records of student violations for physical violence, weapons and controlled substances, including suspensions and expulsions. The information will not follow students after graduation.

For additional information, please call the City Schools Placement and Appeal Office at (619)725-5660. The web site for City Schools is

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