August 30, 2002

Political Notes:

Politically Correct Washing Machines

Commenting on AB 1561’s approval, Assemblyman Dennis Mountjoy (R-Arcadia) said, “coming soon to your laundry room complements of Sacramento politicans – a government inspector to make sure you have a politically correct washing machine.”

AB 1561 will force Californians to buy ‘energy efficient’ washing machines that cost more than twice as much as the current models, stated Mountjoy.

Why? Supporters say it will save 20,000 acre feet of water a year. And according to Mountjoy that is a small fraction of 1 percent of the water used in California each year. The new machines are comparable to ‘low flow’ toilets.

“Liberals love regulations. They think we will all go astray unless government bureaucrats guide us – even while we do the family wash. What’s next – energy efficient toasters?” concluded Assemblyman Mountjoy.

AB 1561 is on the Governor’s desk.

Cardoza Voter Fraud Bill to be Heard During Anniversary of Voting Rights Act

This August we are celebrating the 37th anniversary of the passage and signing of the Voting Rights Act, one of the most important pieces of civil rights legislation of the 20th Century. Signed into law in 1965 to prevent discrimination against minorities at the polls, this landmark legislation curtailed the discriminatory practices that for years prevented millions and millions of Americans from exercising their right to vote solely because of their ethnicity and the color of their skin.

“Here in California, as recently as the primary election of 2002, members of our Latino community have been the victims of a fraudulent voter registration effort that undermined the democratic process by reregistering people to different political parties without their knowledge, said Cardoza.

It is because of this recent effort to disenfranchise the Latino community that Cardoza introduced Assembly Bill 3059 requires that voters be notified of any change in their party registration and directs them to contact their County elections Office if any information on the card is incorrect. Cardoza’s legislation has already passed the Assembly by a vote 73-5 in favor. The bill is currently in the Senate.

Cesar Chavez Post Office in San Diego?

Congressman Bob Filner has introduced legislation to rename San Diego’s Southeastern Post Office at 2777 Logan Avenue the “Cesar E. Chavez Post Office.”

Cesar Chavez is remembered today for his continual efforts and dedication to just and equality. His slogan, “Si se puede” is now known worldwide.


Shirley Horton, candidate for the new 78th Assembly District and mayor for the City of Chula Vista, has scored some key endorsements. San Diego Mayor Dick Murphy announced his endorsment of Shirley Horton citing her long years of local public service and as independent voice who represents the people.

Horton also received the endorsement of City of San Diego, Deputy Mayor George Stevens, who’s council district, District 4, represents a big chunk of the 78th as well as the endorsement of 80 Bishops, Presidents, Moderators, and Pastors within Council District 4.

100 Democrats Endorse Shirley Horton for the 78th Assembly District. Kicking off “Democrats for Shirley Horton” ex-Democratic Congressman, Jim Bates released a list of 100 Democrats who are supporting Shirley Horton. Among the reasons cited for their endorsement were: life-long commitment to the community; quality of life issues; her work ethic; and her independence. Shirley Horton is pictured front and center, with Jim Bates to her right.

Vince Hall, candidate for the 78th Assembly District, has announced the endorsements by San Diego Community College District Trustees, including Bill Schwandt, Marty Block, and Maria Nieto Senour. He also includes the California teachers Association, California Federation of Teachers, San Diego Education Association, California School Employees Assocation among some of his endorsements.

Dwayne Crenshaw, candidate for Council District Four, City of San Diego, and annouced the endorsement by the San Diego Police Officers Association. The Association represents more than 2000 sworn law enforcement officers in the City of San Diego.

Paul Pfingst, candidate for District Attorney, was recently endorsed by by Deputy Sheriffs’ Association of San Diego County. This association represents over 2,700 members.

Candidates Forum

The Southwestern College Education Association will be hosting a Candidates Fourm for the candidates seeking one of the three seats on the college board, Tuesday, September 3, 2002, at 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. at the Student Union East on the campus of Southwestern College.

Each candidate will share their reasons for pursing a seat on the board, their vision for the college and they will respond to question from the audience.

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