August 30, 2002

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A Republican Response to Congressman Bob Filner

Congressman Bob Filner, recently, attempted to portray President G.W. Bush as unresponsive to the needs of the U.S. Hispanic population, on the contrary if he would only check his facts he would find that not only has the President been inclusive in his staff selection but also has had the warmest relations in many years with our partner to the south, Mexico. With regards to Immigration Issues Mr. Filner still doesn’t get it, as a former U.S. Customs Inspector, I was able to see that Border management is more of a complex issue than seems to appear on the surface, City, County, State and National Infrastructure and Security come to play. We need to resolve this issue but not with reckless abandon as he would have.

When Mr. Filner speaks of the President taking pictures with Hispanics to patronize us, I know the President does it with complete sincerity and not to patronize us. Mr. Filner on the other hand also takes picture with Hispanics and I know that he genuinely is patronizing us, or he would not behave counter to our beliefs. Case in point this year Mr. Filner traveled to Cuba and presented the Dictator with some our best Napa wine. This is the same Castro that during the Viet Nam war sent his specialist to North Viet Nam to torture our U.S. Prisoners of War, the same Castro that up to recently had been training and harboring terrorists, the same Castro that shot unarmed American planes from the sky, as a veteran of the Viet Nam War I am very offended with his actions.

When Mr. Filner talks about tax relief you know that he means tax increases, when he talks about education you can almost see the government begin to grow, when he talks about the military, get ready to go back on food stamps and no gas to train with, and when he talks of fighting crime get ready to lose your 2nd Amendment rights.

The scare tactics, innuendos, threats, and all the spins no longer work, this realization has hit home this week with the endorsement of Bill Simon for Governor of California by the Mexican American Political Association (MAPA) traditionally a Democratic stronghold. The one question we need to ask ourselves is: What did the Democrats do for Hispanics the previous eight years?

Guillermo Durazo, Jr.
Chula Vista
Durazo is chairman San Diego County Republican Party (South)

Spending and November elections

After Labor Day, Congress will return from its summer break. At that point, it will have two primary things on its agenda: passing the bulk of its spending bills for the coming fiscal year and scoring political points for the November elections.

That’s a dangerous combination for small business owners and their taxpaying customers.

The U.S. Senate, controlled by Congress’ biggest spenders - and by the narrowest majority possible - will be pushing hard to spend as much as possible in an attempt to buy public support. Doubtless, Senate Democrat leaders such as Majority Leader Tom Daschle will paint a dire picture of what will happen if Congress fails to pass huge spending increases over and above what President Bush and his allies in the House have passed.

In doing so, Daschle & company will prove an old theorem: some in Congress don’t believe you can ever spend enough.

To put the Senate Democrats lamentations in perspective, consider for just a minute that Defense spending has increased some 21% since President Bush took office. That’s not surprising considering the nation is at war. But even if just the President’s budget request were approved, spending at the Department of Education will also have increased 26%, and Department of Labor-Health and Human Services-Education will have increased 19% since the last election. (And Labor-HHS-Education spending will have nearly doubled since 1996.)

And that’s with the “heartless” Republicans controlling the White House and the House.

Darrell McKigney
President, Small Business Survival Committee
Washington, D.C.

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