August 25, 2000

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WCVI Calling an Action Alert

William C. Velasquez Institute (WCVI) is continuing its effort to mobilize around the issue of adjustment of status of undocumented persons currently living in the U.S. Adjustment of status commonly known as "legalization" in the Latino community. It is urgent that we address this issue immediately while members of Congress are in their home states. We have an opportunity to pass legislation this year if we act now.

Currently in the Senate two bills have been introduced called S. 2668, the "Family, work and Immigrant Integration Amendments of 2000 and S. 2912, the "Latino and Immigrant Fairness Act" that would legalize up to two million undocumented persons living in the U.S.

WCVI believes the only way to pass immigration reform this year is to include the above provisions as amendments to pending legislation in the Senate that would raise the cap on temporary high skilled (H-1B) visas when it is considered after they return from recess.

Therefore WCVI is calling an Action Alert for you to contact your senator and congress member during the week of August 28 - September 5, 2000. Submit a letter, place a phone call and/or email your Senator and Congress member asking the to support this effort.

Antonio Gonzalez

(Any questions, or if you want a copy of the bill, you can contact Rebecca Valdez at 1-877-535-8508)

M and M Chocolate, or MM Real Money

Let's try to distinguish between M and M chocolate and MM school funds: MM funds are real tax-payers' money that has been allocated for repairing, refurbishing, and bringing our run-down schools up to safe and functional standards. It is not money to be wasted or ill-managed. It is money that can and should be used for quality material and professional work-manship...and, if properly managed can result in getting the most and the best for the budget without having to pay extra for delinquent thinking, improper shopping and mismanagement.

Somehow, our school administration and planners have mismanaged to spend $7.8 million by underestimating the time it would take to repair, rebuild, and to purchase the right materials for quality results. Although funds were allocated for the purpose which they are being spent, it is the waste and mismanagement that must be emphasized!

Our school administration and some [of] our school managers have made small and simplistic comments about BIG was and is a huge mistake to imply that 7.8 million dollars can be forgotton by a quick vote of approval over looking the fact that the funds were being spent prematurely. That my fellow taxpayers, is irresponsible and immoral thinking.

$7,800,000.00 is an amazing sum of money to most of us and, therefore, cannot be taken lightly...if we do, that will be just the tip of the iceburg for this ludicrous-spending administration.

August L. Castille, Sr


(Editors Note: For those who don't know, Mr Castille is referring to, for example, the tile workers being flown in from around the nation, housed, and fed from MM monies. On top of that they are getting a signing bonus and double/triple time pay. Total cost of school construction bid changes, cost overruns and imported tile workers (to date) is 7.8 million dollars. What a waste, and now those people who can't wait to feed at the school bond through are pushing to pass Prop. 39 which will lower the threshold for school facility bond issues from 2/3's vote to 55% local vote. Can't think of a better argument to vote No.)

Thank you

I want to take this time to thank you for including the recent press release from the Center for Community Economic Development in your August 11 issue of La Prensa San Diego. Your help in spreading the word about our certificate program means a great deal to us.

Thank you again for your support of the Center for CED Certificate program. Working with business leaders like yourself, we can make a significant impact on San Diego's communities and neighborhoods this ensuring a brighter future for everyone.

Linda Guzzo
Assistant Director

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