August 25, 2000


Bring CHOICE to Education!

At a time when "CHOICE" is the daily mantra of the white, female Americans, in order to supposedly control their bodies, one has to wonder why "CHOICE" in education is so heatedly opposed by the teacher's unions, which is mostly white and female?

VOUCHERS is CHOICE for the hundreds of thousands of Mexican American, Black, and other White, lower middle class, working families who have NO CHOICE in the matter of their children receiving an education! Their children have been condemned to receiving an inferior education by having to be sent to the most seriously educationally `challenged' public schools in the city, county and state!

It is no longer a matter of debate. The schools, where our children are forced to attend are the most under funded, staffed by the most unprepared educators, and administered by the rejects from the more affluent areas of the city, county, and state! Year after year, by every measure of learning, our inferior neighborhood schools have been in the lowest percentiles, not only of their local school; systems, but of the entire nation. Being in the 2 percentile, in the SAT Scores or the 5th, 10th, 15th or even in the 25th percentile makes it clear that from 75% to 98% of all other schools are having their students learn. Minority and working class parents can never hope to break out of the cycle of poverty they are trapped in, unless they have a CHOICE to where they send their children to get educated!

VOUCHERS will be on the Ballot in the general election in November. They will give each and every parent the CHOICE of sending their children to a PRIVATE SCHOOL OF THEIR CHOICE! The $4,000 dollars that each child will be assigned is sufficient to send your child to a good, solid Catholic, Protestant, or other private school of your CHOICE. However, if you are happy with your child attending your Barrio or Ghetto school, where they are socially passed, even if they can't read or write, you are free to do so! IT'S YOUR CHOICE.

Our children deserve to have a choice for life! The question that remains: Why do all the Teacher's Unions and their members fight so hard to have the choice for DEATH but are unwilling to give our children the CHOICE for LIFE?

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