August 25, 2000 Introduces Its Philosophy At "Bridging the Digital Divide: A New Majority Approach" Conference

NEW YORK — Recently funded MinorityInterest Network (, a Portal dedicated to bringing together minority-owned businesses, their employees, customers and the community organizations that serve them, revealed its plan to help the "New Majority" find its strength at the "Bridging The Digital Divide: A New Majority Approach" conference, held at the Chase Conference Center in New York City on Monday, August 21, 2000.

"We will not achieve `New Majority' status in the United States, regardless of our numbers, if we as minorities continue to allow ourselves to be divided along cultural and racial lines," said Lzaro Fuentes, CEO of MinorityInterest Network, during a panel discussion at the event. "A majority is not defined solely by the number of people in a given group, but more importantly by the group's ability to effect economic and political gain. MinorityInterest Network will be a unifying factor by allowing our diverse groups to unite our voices on the issues that affect our combined interests while maintaining our cultural identities."

"MinorityInterest will help the `New Majority' to unite and strengthen itself by bringing together the key components, minority-owned businesses, their employees, customers and the community organizations which serve them into one unifying Network Portal. We will increase procurement opportunities for minority-owned businesses. Minority-Interest will promote responsible e-commerce to the employees of these businesses in the areas of healthcare, education and wealth creation. We will make it easier for minority-focused organizations to communicate with the communities they serve by offering them, capabilities such as chats, message boards and e-mail capabilities for their members, free of charge," added Fuentes.

The "New Majority" conference brought together New Media and Technology industry leaders involved in the development of the minority on-line community to discuss the issue of the Digital Divide in African-American, Hispanic and Asian-American communities, collectively known as the "New Majority Community", and to offer ways to mend the technology gap on "New Majority" enterprises in the New Economy.


MinorityInterest Network, heralded in the most recent Forrester Research Report on minorities and the Internet as a niche ethnic portal with clear differentiation and an edge above the clamor of broad-based ethnic portals, is facilitating the success of minority-owned businesses, their employees, customers and the community organizations that serve them by bringing them together via an Internet Portal for e-commerce, business development, procurement opportunities and relevant editiorial content.

MinorityInterest Network will provide all of its members with the right information and resources to help better manage their businesses and their lives; provide an online resource that allows employers, employees and minority consumers access to organizations that serve their specific needs and interests; and provide tools and relevant content that encourage and support entrepreneurship. MinorityInterest Network will provide an arena for e-commerce and procurement in which minority-owned businesses will be able to interact with on-line vertical markets and directly with Fortune 1000 Companies, U.S. Government agencies and other Minority-Interest Network members.

MinorityInterest Network is currently ALPHA testing its portal and will launch during September 2000 with top-tier e-commerce opportunities in the areas of healthcare, education and personal and business finance; proprietary and streamed content; community tools and free e-mail capabilities.

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