August 23, 2002

Election Year 2002 Update

College Board Races in the Nov. 5 General Election

Palomar Comm. College Board of Trustees
{full Term}
Robert Lee Dougherity Jr. (Inc.)
Mark Evilsizer (Teacher/Bus. Consultant)
Rebecca R. Faubus (Bus. Woman)
Michele T. Nelson (Inc.)

{One Seat Open}
Nancy Chadwick (Ret. University Planner)
Luene H. Corwin (Retired College Administrator)
Silverio Haro (Appointed Inc)
Marla D. Johnson (Education Consultant)

San Diego Community College

District A

John J. Hart (College Student)
Maria Nieto Senour ((Inc)

Dist. C

Rich Grosch ( Teacher)
Steven B. Schulman (Bus. Man)

Dist. E

Hattie Bryant (Bus, School Owner)
Peter Zschiesche (Comm. Eductor/Teacher)

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