August 23, 2002

Tezozomoc Speaks

A los tiriles de Southwestern College: Lite up la pipa and start thinking. La tribu de la liñea getting upset with all the pedo going on. Remember the story de Las Cucarachas? We don’t need enemies. We have too much fun pulling each other down! Que pendejada.

El Palacio Negro de Tijuas finally taken under control por la placa mejicana. Los vatos presos now going to a new prison in “El Hongo”. Y que? What’s going to happen to all the families that were living inside La Mesa prison? Mi gente, del otro lado, have a strange sense of what to be imprisoned means. Por eso, el Jefe principal Vicente Fox, went on the warpath when one of our Piasanos, that were in la pinta en tejas, got electrocuted. Raza is nice to torcidos.

Chicano HISTORY 1A: Our ancestors (Aztecs, Olmecs, Mayans, Toltecs etc) fought each other until the Spanish invaders came. Then they fought against them. El Mestijase that resulted fought against French invaders and invaders from North America. Mejico, as a sovereign nation, has only once gone to war and that once was against the USA. Pregunta: Does that make Mexico a TERRORIST NATION? If so, what is America who wars against everyone?

PREGUNTA: When does the second trial of Westerfield begin? Next time maybe we won’t have a Judge Bean and a hanging jury! Where was the smoking gun? Only thing that surprises me is that Westerfield wasn’t a Black or Mexican. We are always guilty no matter what. Being White is different in America’s courts.

El Jefito getting mucho busy talking with politicos. Republicanos most anxious to prove they are RAZA friendly. Democrats as usual taking us for granted. So far NADA new from them.

Que paso with local politicos: while the rest of the Hispanic politico force is walking with the farmers to move the Gov to sign the farm worker’s bill, Assemblyman Juan Vargas no-where to be seen! And wanna-be State Senator Denise Ducheny, not with the farm-workers and I thought she wanted to represent the valley which is populated with nothing but la gente working the fields and Ducheny, a friend of the unions, what’s up with that???

PSSSSST Senior Presidente BUSH: Now that you have the power to negotiate trade agreements, can you open la puerta at la liñea and allow the Mexican avocado crop (at 20 cents apiece or less) to cross the border? Seems silly to make Americans pay from $1-$3 apiece. Of course it isn’t to smart to protect the avocado crop in the desert Southwest. It takes tons of water to grow avocados. They grow great in tropical Mexico where they grow wild!

Gringos now hearing it from their own: La Migra has always been badly run, poorly led, and overmatched. Any two-bit Coyote has been able to outwit all the high-tech Migra on any given day. Migra has no business being in the “LABOR-MANAGEMENT PROBLEM on La Liña. Cross-border labor management belongs with the Labor and State Departments and not under an appointed Hack of the President running the Attorney Generals office, which is a police function. Congressional laws that set quotas etc create immigration laws.

Bueno, I shall crawl back into my jacal and communicate with my ancestors.

“Sus ancestros lo forjaron
acrisolado está su vestidura
los hilos tejidos de su alma
el roble de su corazón”

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