August 22, 2003

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(Editor’s Note: In response to our editorial “Isn’t It Time to Start Impeachment Proceedings” July 25, 2003, we received many letters. Due to a lack of space we are unable to print all of them but the following two letters reflect the sentiments of most of the other letters. If anyone is counting the letters for impeachment proceedings outweighed the others 3 to 1)

George W. Bush and his entire administration have lied under oath to the American people. When Bush stated in the State of the Union address that ‘Iraq had attempted to purchase yellowcake uranium from Nigeria,’ he was  lying. This is not the only lie in the State of the Union address, either. WMD’s were mentioned. Weapons programs were mentioned. Imminent threats were mention-ed. These are not just ordinary lies in front of the press, however. These lies happened in the State of the Union address. That is a necessary action of the president as defined by the constitution - and Bush took an oath to become president. Clinton lied under oath and look what happened. The difference is that three hundred and thirty U.S. soldiers have died because Bush’s lies. Tell me, if impeachment was an option then, why not now?

Jesse Grabow
National City

I read your editorial (“Isn’t It Time to Start Impeachment Proceedings” July 25, 2003) demanding that Mr. Bush be impeached. I must say it was the most irresponsible piece I have ever read. Not only were your facts missing, but your conclusion was flawed. Yet, I could not help thinking that our Hispanic Community will begin to believe the untruths you publish. Your job as a journalist is to seek the truth, not distort it. That you would insist that our president is a liar of great magnitude, is flatly without basis. The testimonials to his integrity are replete throughout this country. Our marines proudly salute him as he embarks and debarks their aircraft. You may recall that they turned away from Mr. Clinton. 

  Mr. Bush is an honorable man and he has surrounded himself with a first rate team. He is a good man which is the highest acclaim a soldier can make about someone. Your slandering him was truly embarrassing and disrespectful to your own readers. You surely cannot believe that anyone with facts would swallow your argument. It sounded, frankly, like the rhetoric we heard from the communists in the 50’s and what we still hear from Cuba.

  The problem in Iraq is an enormous one, no doubt. As a veteran, I really appreciated your listing all of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in this war. But make no mistake, we are at war! The following pictures illustrate the enormity of the problem we face over their recovering the “evidence” you so found lacking. The decisions to remove the hideous regime headed by Saddam Hussein were based upon as good intelligence as there was available. Surely you don’t believe the Hussein Regime was preferable. Because we acted rightly, the balance of power in the middle east has been changed dramatically. Inaction, as Mr. Blair so eloquently expressed, would have been the wrong. How many UN Security Council resolutions were there?  The choice was clearly Mr. Hussein’s. Frankly, we had the intestinal fortitude to make the hard choice. Mr. Bush continues to surprise the left. There may really be a chance for peace in the middle east in our lifetime! Now is the time to still stand behind our elected leadership and support the troops still engaged. I respectfully ask that you do just that!

COL Jerry Webb, USA Ret
San Diego Native

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