August 20, 2004

Over 50,000 Hummer Postcards Delivered to the Governor

Sacramento--The Immigrant Responsibility and Security Act Coalition, a collection of several different community-based, labor, and business organizations throughout California, held a press conference in Sacramento Monday morning to bring attention to the driver’s license bill issue. Over 200 mothers and their children departed from the Los Angeles area late Sunday night to participate in the press conference and deliver to the governor—via miniature Hummers—50,000-plus postcards in support of The Immigrant Responsibility and Security Act. The main coalition organizers for Monday’s action were Gloria Saucedo from Hermandad Mexicana Nacional, C. Amanda Figueroa from SEIU 434B, and Angelica Salas from CHIRLA.

“I don’t understand why Governor Schwarzenegger is taking so long to deal with the driver’s license issue,” said Saucedo. “He made a promise. It makes me wonder if Ron Prince, Barbara Coe, and Pete Wilson are advising him. I hope he doesn’t become a Wilsonegger.”

“We are delivering over 50,000 postcards to the governor in mini-Hummers because of the governor’s love for the tough-guy SUV,” said C. Amanda Figueroa. “The Hummer motto is ‘Like Nothing Else’ and I’m here today to tell the governor that I’d like nothing else than for him to keep his word and embrace a bill that strengthens national security and public safety.”

After eight months of talks with the governor’s office, the only major obstacle in getting a driver’s license bill passed is the governor’s demand for a discriminatory mark.

“I am appalled that our immigrant governor would propose a policy that invites discrimination upon working immigrants trying to get a license to drive,” said Angelica Salas. “Have you forgotten your roots? Governor Schwarzenegger told Sen. Cedillo that he would not call for a marker or identifier in the new driver’s license bill. As far as I’m concerned, Schwarzenegger is the ‘Discriminator,’ not the ‘Governator.’ These people are already providing fingerprints and having state and federal criminal background checks performed, to say nothing of the extra cost they have to pay.”

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