August 19, 2005

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood

Light Crowd Watches ‘Day of Youth’ in Tijuana

Tijuana Correspondent Gary Sloan reports that on Sunday, Aug 14, in El Toreo de Tijuana, a crowd of some 2000 showed up to see La Corrida de Juventud, three South American youngsters, making their Tijuana debuts. Omar Villaseñor, Juan Carlos Cubas, and Ishmael Rodriquez faced a serious herd of mature bulls from “Real de Saltillo”


With his first animal, ”Fronterizo”, at 460 kilos, Omar accomplished nothing with the capote. He didn’t have the experience to deal with this bull on any other level than to just defend himself. It was scary. After two hard, long puyazos, the bull still had plenty of gas.

With its mouth still closed, and charging hard, the bull was more than Omar could handle. Fronterizo found him and gave him a hard cogida, but no real damage was done. He finished with four pinch-azos, then a thrust that was a bajonazo, and the bull died, quickly. Villaseñor was awarded with a vuelta.

Wih his second toro, “Tequilero”, at 465 kilos, Omar faired much better. Nice work with the capote, then a fine set of gaoneras, after the pic’ing. His faena was good, considering the level of the bulls. I mean casta and sentido. He gave good, solid work with both the right and left hands. A great sword and it was over. Two ears.

Juan Carlos Cubas

His first toro, “Triunfador” (490 kilo)s, was almost as tall as Cubas. The matador did some capote light, a little here and there. There followed another scary faena, with the bull really crowding and searching for Juan Carlos, and finally finding him for a strong cogida. No damage done. One pinchazo, then a three quarter thrust, followed by two golpes with the descabello, and he was award-ed with a vuelta.

With his second bull, “Vecino”, at 475 kilos, Cubas had some fine moments with the capote. His faena was very good. Once again, a very strong and wise animal supplied the element of constant peril for this young torero. A good sword, and Vecino died, quickly. One ear.

Ismael Rodriquez

With his first bull, the 510-kilo “Nopalero,” Rodriguez did some good work with the big cape, including a great set of chicuelinas antiguas, following the pics. His faena was very good, working well on both sides with this big, aggressive animal. The sword was full, but slightly caida, and the bull dropped instantly, sin puntilla. One ear.

His second toro,”Paisano” (500 kilos) was the best of the day, and I might add, its horns were astefinos. He gave us very good lances with the capote. The faena de muleta was the best of the day. Rodriguez was very smooth on both sides with this great animal. Many series of beautiful muletazos, on both sides. One pinchazo, then one perfect sword.  One ear.

All in all it was a great afternoon. Three young men in traje de luces, six big, fierce, noble bulls, and lots of thrills and chills.

The next corrida will be the 28th of August, downtown. The cartel was not an-nounced. Then, there will be the opener at the playas on Labor Day weekend, the

4th of September. Hope to see you there.

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