August 19, 2005


San Diego No Longer the Bastion for the Right Wing

It used to be that San Diego County could be counted upon to support everything right wing, Carte-Blanc. It appears now that there are winds of change blowing across this vast Republican strong hold. It has the Republicans a bit perturbed.

The members of the Republican Party find themselves in a box and that box is getting smaller and smaller all the time. Case in point was the recent forum on immigration entitled “The Illegal Immigration Crisis” with the misnomer that it was a “frank” discussion on how illegal immigration affects our society.

But let us be “frank” here, this was nothing more than a Mexican Bashing Jam Session. It was a ‘who’s-who’ of anti-immigration, anti-Mexican, racist invited to further fan the flames of fear and hate about the border and immigration. The Republican Party has drawn a line in the sand and it is pitting “Us against Them.” We can safely put to rest the idea of a compassionate Republican Party.

The first shot fired across the bow of the Republican Party was when Carlsbad schools Superintendent John Roach initially canceled the immigration forum at their Arts Center out of concern for the safety of district property and of its citizens. State Senator Bill Morrow had to threaten the school district with legal action, citing “Freedom of Speech”! This had to be a first for the Republicans. The Anti-Immigration forum featured radio talk-show host Roger Hedgecock as emcee, Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo, Minuteman Project founder James W. Gilchrist, Attorney Madeleine Cosman, State Senator Ray Haines, and former U.S. Attorney Pete Nuñez.

The poster child for the anti-immigrant movement is Colorado Congressman Tancredo, followed by Minuteman founder Gilchrist, Madeleine Cosman, though not a doctor, who professes to know everything there is to know about the medical field and blames the immigrant community for destroying the American hospital system and bringing back most contagious diseases. Roger Hedgecock – enough said, and Haines who has proposed creating a border state police force.

The box that has been created here is designed so that it excludes any and all moderate voices of their Republican Party. The likes of Tancredo and Gilchrist are trying to become the standard bearers for the Republican Party! No moderate Republicans are allowed to participate; unfortunately this closed mind attitude of the extremist element of the Republican Party is excluding everyone else who might have a divergent attitude of what it means to be a Republican. They are attempting to Co-Op the field. It’s their view or nothing! This leaves little room for Conservatives who askew extremism, a-la Goldwater type.

There is no room for those Hispanics who at some level have associated themselves with the Republican Party. They will have no motivation to belong to such an extremist party where there is no political room for them.

Extremism at either end of the spectrum is bad and the Republican Party has quickly become a Party of extremist.

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