August 18, 2000

Tezozomoc Speaks

WOW! Whoever thought the Democratic Convention would be sooooo boooorring as the Republican sideshow? In a few short sentences: too many female speakers (ADNESEUM), too many Kennedy women.


As I saw it, to be a democrat you have to love all the Gay and Lesbian people, AIDS, female rights, public schools, gun control, abortions, the death penalty, prisons, and be happy to be controlled by the mega-buck businesses & corporations who evidently bought and paid for the convention and the candidates (Where are the "PEOPLE" in this equation?).


One thing was obvious: The DEMOCRATS are no more concerned about Mexican Americans & Latinos than the Republicans. They both patronize our people, feed us pabulum, give us nothing but symbolic gestures that have no substantive value to them (Like the Cesar Chavez holiday, which is symbolic except to the thousands of State workers who get a paid holiday out of it!)


Pregunta Democrats & Republicans: Don't you know that symbols are not what we need? We have more than half the state named after us… That's symbolic but it doesn't change our political or economic status in this country. We can't eat symbols or change the nature or condition of our existence in America without SUBSTANTIVE CHANGE. We either get it or we look elsewhere.


MEMO TO OUR POLITICOS: Best you learn PRONTITO You don't endear yourselves to our gente by humiliating and insulting one of our own U.S. Representatives (Loretta Sanchez) before the entire world. Perhaps if the entire Democratic establishment would return all the money that they have received, from Señor Hefner and his family, one could feel that the Demos had cause to climb up on their moral horse! People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones at others. Loretta Sanchez is a classy lady with a strong power base in Orange County. Gore, and his low class minions, made a serious error in harassing Loretta Sanchez.


Closer to our own Barrios:


Nick Inzunza turning out to be a "chip of the old block" in following in his Daddies (Ralph) footsteps. Yup, Izunza Jr. is playing the old switchero game and temporarily moving in the house his father lives in (National City) to comply with residential rules. Meanwhile Daddy is moving into his son's pad in Chula Vista. At least until he runs for a seat on the National City Council. Local OTNC Veteranos are still laughing at the fairy tale of a story written by Nina Garin of the U/T in a vain effort to make "chicken soup out of chicken s- - t!" Well you know what I mean. Deputy Dog and a few other veteranos of "El Movimiento" can hardly wait to catch Nicky Baby and pin him on the wall for trying to be WHAT HE AIN'T!


Potential candidates for the 5th Council seat are being asked to file an application by August 25. A public hearing with the candidates may be scheduled to consider the candidates. Potential candidates must reside in the city council district at least 30 days prior to filing their application. For information contact the City Clerk at 619-533-4000.


Tony Inocentes, of the Otay Water District está poco enojado. Tony upset because he doesn't believe Directors shouldn't drink alcohol or drugs while on the job. He also alleges that the Director Povodo should be investigated for fraudulently submitting false claims for meetings he didn't attend and making a loan of public money to a developer of a golf course in Otay in the amount of $687,000. Well Tony seems to me you have enough to ask the District Attorney to investigate the allegations.

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