August 18, 2000

Bullfight World...
by Lyn Sherwood

Freak Accident in Tijuana Bullfight

Amatador literally gored himself, last Sunday, in Tijuana. Javier Gutierrez "El Cachorro" was attempting to break in half a pair of banderillas, when the barbed ends of the sticks buried themselves in his right leg, just above the knee. There was a 10-minute break, while surgeons removed the barbs. Thereafter, Gutierrez returned to face his bull and was tossed a couple of times, before finally dispatching the animal. He then collapsed and was returned to the infirmary.

In all, it wasn't a great day of the bulls. The animals of Los Encinos were exceptionally dangerous and provided problems for Gutierrez, El Zapata, and Paco Gonzales.

El Zapata faced three bulls, cutting one of the afternoon's only ears, from his third animal. He, too, was caught, twice, but suffered no more than painful bruises.

Gonzales received a vuelta from his first bull and was afforded silence after his efforts to his second bull.



Gorings, once again, are in the news, in Spain. Spanish novillero Jaime Reyes flirted closely with death in Soto Real, near Madrid, when his first bull inflicted a wound that ruptured the femoral artery.

Surgery was performed in the plaza infirmary, and another surgery was accomplished, later, in the hospital. For many hours, the surgeons considered removing the novillero's injured right leg, but finally decided to play a waiting game. By the next morning, although his condition was described as "very grave," he was considered to be out of danger.


It has been 33 years since the Miura bull, "Islero" inflicted a mortal wound to Manuel Rodriguez "Manolete," in Linares, Spain. It was disclosed, several years later, that although the wound was great, it wasn't the horn that killed "El Monstruo" Manolete, but a transfusion of incompatible blood.

Everything was set last Sunday in Plaza Mexico. The paseillo was made. Everybody was set for the novillada. Everybody, that is, except the plaza judge and his assessor, who failed to show. As a result, the novillada was canceled. There was no immediate explanation for the situation.


Surprise! Surprise! El Juli has recorded still another indulto! Performing as the sole matador in the very touristy city of Marbella, Spain, El Juli was awarded eight ears and one symbolic tail. Whether or not the 17-year-old matador is ever recognized as a great figura, he most certainly should capture the title of the matador being granted the greatest number of indultos.


Plans are progressing well for the first convention of the newly-formed Asociación Internacional de Aficionados Practicos, which will be celebrated Oct. 26-29 in Reynosa, Tamaulipas. Amateur toreros from throughout the world will converge on Reynosa to face bulls from two respected ganaderías.

A highlight of the convention will be realized, Sunday, Oct. 29, when retired matadores David Renk and Pepe Luis Vásquez will each face a novillo. Pepe Luis Vásquez, who is known as the greatest swordsman in Mexican bullfight history, is 82 years young.

There is still room for two aficionados prácticos to face and kill the becerros/novillos, as well as a couple of debutantes who will face and symbolically kill vaquillas of brave blood. Those interested should call Fred Renk, at (956) 481-3300.

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