August 18, 2000


The Mugging of the Honorable Loretta Sanchez

By Raoul Lowery Contreras

Crack.crack! So sounded the Southern overseer's whip on the back of black slaves being punished for violating the white man's plantation rules. It is the same sound made by Al Gore at the Democratic National Convention plantation as he and his gofers whipped the stuffing out of Loretta Sanchez, star Democratic Congresswoman from Orange County.

Actually, for the first time in public, Al Gore tripped over a Mexican American and he reacted as a typical plantation overseer, he cracked the whip against this woman who broke his rules. Loretta is one of the best known Mexican Americans in the country, a woman revered as an quasi-saint by many in the Democratic Party. Loretta, of course, became famous by beating old B-1 Bob Dornan in Orange County, a county perhaps more conservative than Mississippi.

The Democrats were so delighted by her long shot win over veteran Republican mossback congressman Dornan that they appointed her a National Committee Vice Chairperson. Then her stardom as a giant killer Hispanic feminist permitted congressional Democrats to blackmail Congressional Republicans into keeping her in the House, despite overwhelming evidence that over 5,000 ballots were cast in her winning race by ineligible voters (she won by 984 votes). The once mighty macho Speaker Newt Gingrich folded his backbone and meekly gave in the Loretta's presence. Democrats paraded her around like she was a female Hispanic saint, a symbol of the best of the Democratic Party. In fact, she's the highest-ranking woman in the Democratic Party.

With her as an icon, Democrats calculated that they would corral all Hispanic votes forever in California and the Southwest. Her position was cemented when she politically slapped an inept Bob Dornan the second time around by 12,000 thousand votes and embarrassingly retired him to talk radio.

So, with a convert's zeal (Loretta used to be a Republican) she plunged into raising money for Democrats with the crowning achievement a super jackpot of Hollywood treasure right in River City, the City of Angels. On the eve of the Al Gore Convention, the flashy "babe" from Orange County organized her $5000-a-plate fund-raiser at the infamous monument to Hedonism, the Los Angeles Playboy Mansion of Playboy magazine founder, Hugh Hefner. The funds were destined to her Hispanic Unity USA political action committee for use in party building, voter registration and get-out-the-vote efforts.

Suddenly, the Bhuddist Temple fundraiser, the proud former tobacco farmer and inheritor of Big Oil shares, Mr. Al Gore, Vice-President of the United States, throws a moral "family values" fit. He decides that the Playboy Mansion sends the wrong signal by associating his morals with his impeached boss, President Bill Clinton. Never mind that Al Gore has accepted $1500 in campaign contributions from Hefner and his daughter. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has received $30,000 from Playboy Enterprises. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has received $50,000 raised by Hefner's daughter, Playboy's publisher.

Yet, Al Gore objects to Loretta's choice of venue for her fund raising. Not that there would have been naked girls running around, there wouldn't have been. Nor would one expect filthy mouthed comedians teaching children new words as there were at the giant Democrat fund-raiser in Washington in May. Gore supported that fund-raiser and was present while comedian Robin Williams used the "F" word dozens of times to entertain people who gave up millions of dollars for the cause.

That was in Washington. Here in Los Angeles Al Gore decided to humiliate the pesky Mexicana for making him look "bad." So, he had Joe Andrews, his ACHICHINCLE (ah-chee-cheen-kleh, gofer) Chairman of the DNC, publicly threaten Loretta with banning her from speaking at the Convention, with stripping away her Party title and not endorsing her reelection if she didn't cancel or move the fundraiser from the Playboy Mansion. Gore publicly concurred. Andrews, who didn't blink at Robin Williams and the "F" word in front of children, told the media that his "young children" would somehow be affected by 600 moneyed people having dinner in a tent on the lawn of the Playboy Mansion.

She caved, of course. What else could she do? Then, restored to her three-minute convention speech, she declined the offer, basically telling the public that she didn't want the public to think that she caved in order to be rewarded with three minutes of non-prime time speaking time. That is moral courage.

Al Gore spends Playboy and tobacco money (Phillip Morris sponsored the Democratic Governor's Gala at the Convention this year). He condones the Robin Williams filth in May. He calls President Clinton one of "America's best Presidents" on the day Clinton made history by being the first elected President to be impeached. Now he claims the moral high ground after battering Loretta Sanchez all over the media.

Question of the "inclusive" Al Gore: Would you have slapped Loretta SANCHEZ around in public like you did if she were named Smythe or Clinton?

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